Gypsies and Travellers

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Gypsies and Travellers

Gypsies and travellers form part of a racial group and fall under the Race Relations Act 1976.  Gypsies and travellers should therefore be afforded the same importance as any other ethnic group.

Every year the police receive a large number of calls from members of the public in respect of  travellers moving into a locality and unlawfully occupying land.  Such incidents inevitably raise concerns within local communities and very often tension will exist between residents and Travellers.  The arrival of travellers in an area tends to raise disproportionate fears in landowners and residents of increased crime and violence.

We live in a democratic society and it must be remembered that travelling communities have as much right to live their chosen lifestyle as those who choose to live in settled communities.  Nevertheless the occupation of land can be unlawful and the Council recognizes the fact that action must often be taken to remove travellers from land and to secure the land against further occupation.  The Council will always take action in respect of unlawful encampments on Council land but in the case of private land, it is the landowner who is responsible for taking action to remove unwelcome travellers from their own land.


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