Wheeled Sports Facilities in the Borough of Eastleigh

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Wheeled Sports Facilities in the Borough of Eastleigh

The wheeled sports facilities are designed to provide sport activity for young people and usually include young people's seating areas.  They aim to offer a stimulating challenge to those children and young people who have a keen interest in any of the wheeled sports.

Each site provides a localised area where young people can safely congregate and entertain themselves without the fear of being ‘moved on’ by the Police or asked to leave by local residents. The sites provide access to a variety of recreational equipment, which has been chosen specifically to provide stimulating and challenging recreational opportunities for local young people. All the wheeled sports areas were developed in partnership with local young people and workshops were held to select the equipment and design of the facility for each site.  Residents and stakeholders were consulted on these proposals prior to the installation of these facilities.

Eastleigh Borough Council

To report a problem about a play area managed by Eastleigh Borough Council click here or telephone 02380 688 440.


Stoney Croft Rise (off Chestnut Avenue), Eastleigh, SO53 3LD

The BMX track at Freespace was opened in May 2011. The track consists of jumps, bumps and berms (banked corners) and start hill. It is open to riders of all ages. The excitement and popularity of BMX racing captured the imagination of the International Olympic Committee, and at Beijing, China it became an Olympic Sport for the first time.

Freespace has an excellent, challenging street course area and a concrete bowl providing even greater challenges. The street course equipment is constructed of metal with a 'Skatelite Pro' ride surface which is suitable for BMX riders, inline skaters, skateboarders and scooters riders.

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Fleming Park Skate Area

Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh, SO50 9NF

Managed by Places for People

Tel - 02380684800

Fleming Park wheeled sports area is next to the children’s play area and contains twin ramps, driveway and half pipe. A teen shelter also adjoins the facility. The half pipe has a 'Skatelite Pro' ride surface.


Chandler's Ford and Hiltingbury Parish Council

Tel - 02380266612


Hiltingbury Recreation Ground Skate Area

Hiltingbury Road, Chandler's Ford, SO53 5NJ

Hiltingbury Recreation Ground has a skate area at the top end of the field near Hiltingbury Road. The skate area contains a half pipe, 2 quarter pipes, fun box, grind rail and grind box. It provides equipment for all abilities enabling beginners and the more practiced to enjoy challenging rides. The area is lit at night by solar powered lamps providing the opportunity to skate till 9.00pm. A teen shelter also adjoins the skate area. The area has a 'Skatelite Pro' ride surface.

Fryern Recreation Ground

Greenways, Chandler's Ford, SO53 2LG

This site has a halfpipe with a 'skatelite pro' ride surface.


Bishopstoke Parish Council

Tel - 01794389220


Glebe Meadow Recreation Ground Skate Area

Church Road, Bishopstoke, SO50 6LQ

Glebe Meadow recreation ground skate area contains a grind rail, quarter pipe, half pipe and jump ramp. It provides equipment for all abilities enabling beginners and the more practiced to enjoy challenging rides. This site is also lit by solar powered lamps providing the opportunity to skate till 9.00pm. A teen shelter also adjoins the skate area.

Blackberry Drive Openspace

Blackberry Drive, Bishopstoke, SO50 8RB

Small BMX track with obstacles around the course. This track is made up of type 1 road dust.

Bursledon Parish Council

Tel - 02380407535


Area 31 (Pilands Wood)

Foundary Crescent, Bursledon, SO31 8FY

This all new concrete wheeled sports facility was opened in February 2015, it was designed by the young people of the area which is proving an exciting and popular facility.  


Botley Parish Council

Tel - 01489 787181


Botley Recreation Ground

High Street, Botley, SO30 2ES

This facility has a couple of old steel items.


Hedge End Town Council

Tel - 01489780440


Greta Park

Upper Northern Road, Hedge End, SO30 4DY

This facility has a concrete halfpipe.

Pavilion Road (Woodhouse Lane)

Woodhouse Lane, SO30 2EZ

A selection of all metal street course equipment alongwith a selection of challenging concrete facilities.


Hound Parish Council

Tel - 02380 453732


Butlocks Heath

Woolston Road, SO31 5FR     

Halfpipe with a 'Skatelite Pro' ride surface.

Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council

Tel - 02380 692403  


Knowle Park

White Tree Close, SO50 7FE

Selection of street course equipment with a 'Skatelite Pro' ride surface.



These facilities are maintained by the Council’s StreetScene Service. Damage or works required can be reported by emailing streetscene@eastleigh.gov.uk or calling 02380 688440.