Scheduled Ancient Monuments

Scheduled Ancient Monuments in Eastleigh

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Archaeological remains are a crucial link with our past. They vary from obvious sites such as castles and stone circles to buried remains – like Roman or medieval settlements – hidden below fields or later buildings. 

Scheduled Ancient Monuments in Eastleigh Borough    

There are nine scheduled monuments in the Borough. These are:

The locations of these scheduled ancient monuments are shown on our Online Geographical Information System

What Protection do they Have?

English Heritage takes the lead in identifying sites in England which should be placed on the schedule by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. A schedule, or list, has been kept since 1882 of monuments whose preservation is given priority over other land uses. The current legislation, the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979, supports a formal system of 'Scheduled Monument Consent' for any work to a designated monument.

Scheduling is the only legal protection specifically for archaeological sites.

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For more information on ancient monuments, please go to the English Heritage website.

Historic England Heritage Protection Operations Department, English Heritage 1 Waterhouse Square 138-142 Holborn London EC1NZST  

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