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Locally Listed Buildings in Eastleigh

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 If a building within the Borough does not meet the criteria for English Heritage it can still be considered by the Council for the 'Local List'.   

Placing buildings on the Local List draws attention to their local importance.  Owners will be encouraged to retain buildings on the local list, because their loss and their setting would be detrimental to the appearance, character and townscape quality of the Borough. The local list is covered by Policy 175.LB of the Local Plan for use when determining planning applications.  The policy states: "Development which would have a detrimental impact on a building of local importance or its setting will not be permitted."

However, even if on this list, the buildings may be demolished without consent if they are not in residential use.

Download record of Locally Listed Building in Eastleigh

Local List (pdf)   Current list of Locally Listed Buildings (extract from Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Review 2001-2011)

Recent Requests

Hound Parish Council has asked us to consider the following to the local list:

  • The Library (former school building) Station Road Netley SO31 5DT
  • K6 telephone kiosk at Netley Station, Station Road, Netley
  • K6 telephone kiosk at Portsmouth Road/Pound Road junction, Bursledon

Request that a Building be Added to the Local List

Anyone can apply to have a building added to the list.  It would help if requests for listing include:

  • The address of the building
  • The reasons why you believe it should be listed
  • Clear, original, external and internal photographs
  • The name and contact details of the owner

Please send your request for listing via email or by sending a letter to the address at the bottom of the page.

What Sort of Buildings are on the Local List?

To be included on the list the building should be substantially unaltered and maintain the majority of its original features. It also has to satisfy one or more of the following:

  • Architectural / vernacular significance – be a good example of a particular local building type, craftsmanship, architectural quality, style or detailing.
  • Historical significance – display physical evidence of periods of local economic, technical or social significance, well known local people or historic events
  • Be outside a designated conservation area.

The Role of the Local Authority

Eastleigh Borough Council will:

  • Publish a description of buildings included on the local list
  • Make information on properties that have been requested for listing available to the public
  • Publish requests for listing on the Council’s website
  • Send information to adjacent properties
  • Attach a notification that a request for listing has been made to the on-line planning application file (where a relevant planning application has been lodged)
  • Publish the result of the request for listing and the conclusions on the Council’s website.

External Links

For more information on local listing, please go to the English Heritage website.

Historic England Heritage Protection Operations Department, English Heritage 1 Waterhouse Square 138-142 Holborn London EC1NZST      

Built Heritage Links


The locally listed buildings are shown on our Online Geographical Information System


For more information please contact:

Eastleigh Borough Council,
Eastleigh House,
Upper Market Street,
SO50 9YN

Tel:  023 8068 8000

Email: planning@eastleigh.gov.uk