Next steps in the Examination

14 March 2022

The Council has received the Inspector’s Final Report on the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2016-2036. The Inspector concluded that with the recommended final main modifications, the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan 2016-2036 is sound and meets all the legal requirements. The Inspector’s report and main modifications can be viewed on the Inspector’s Report and Adoption page.
The conclusions of the Inspector’s report means that the council can proceed towards the adoption of the Local Plan.


27 January 2021

The Inspector has written to the Council on the progress of the consultation on the Main Modifications and her letter can be viewed in the Examination documents at ED85.


11 November 2020

Eastleigh Local Plan update
Policy HA2 - Mercury Marina and Riverside Camping and Caravan Park

Following the hearing sessions which ended in January this year, I wrote to the Council in April and May setting out a number of concerns regarding the Local Plan and requests that additional evidence be prepared.

The Council have responded to these concerns and prepared main modifications accordingly. However, the Council have also requested to submit additional detailed evidence in connection with policy HA2. In order to ensure that the examination is conducted in an open and fair manner, I have decided it is necessary for a further hearing to be held to examine this information and afford representors the opportunity to comment accordingly.

The hearing will not be an opportunity to revisit matters which have previously been discussed at the hearings, except where the changes now proposed by the Council have a bearing. The hearing will therefore be limited to a discussion solely in connection with policy HA2 – Mercury Marina and Riverside Camping and Caravan Park. Matters, Issues and Questions will be issued for the hearing session shortly. For the present time, such hearings are being undertaken virtually and the provisional date for this hearing has been set for Tuesday 5 January 2021 at 1000. Specific guidance regarding the virtual nature of the hearing will be issued in due course, including details of how to join and participate in the session for those parties who made representation seeking a change to the policy at the Regulation 19 stage of the Plan.


4 February 2020

Following the hearing  sessions of the Examination of the Eastleigh Local Plan, the Inspector has confirmed that she will be writing to the Council over the course of the next few weeks.    When the Inspector’s letter is available a note will be posted in the Latest News and Updates to notify interested parties and this page can be accessed via the following link:-