Hearing sessions

Timetables, the Inspector’s matters and issues for discussion and guidance notes and all the hearing statements

A series of public hearings will be held by the Inspector during the course of the Examination. 

Venue:     The Millennium Suite, the  Botleigh Grange Hotel, Grange Road, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2GA 

The hearing sessions will open on Thursday 21 November, 2019 and will run for a period of six weeks on the following dates:-  

Week 1:   Thursday 21 November

                  Friday 22 November 

Week 2:    Tuesday 26 November

                  Wednesday 27 November

                  Thursday 28 November

Week 3:    Wednesday 4 December

                  Thursday 5 December

Week 4:    Wednesday 8 January

                  Thursday 9 January

Week 5:   Tuesday 14 January

                 Wednesday 15 January

                 Thursday 16 January

Week 6:   Tuesday 28 January

                 Wednesday 29 January

Please see the Inspector’s Guidance Notes for details of the process including registering for taking part in the hearing sessions and the provision of hearing statements.

Draft Hearing sessions Programme and Participants V.11 updated 9 January 2020

Please note the following changes:-  The hearing session for Matter 10 Employment will now take place  at 1400 hours on 14 January and the Delivery and Monitoring session and Inspector’s closing will take place in the morning session on Wednesday 29 January.  

Hearing Sessions Agenda Matters 1-5 updated 18.11.19

Hearing Sessions Agenda - Matter 8

Agendas for Weeks 4, 5 and 6 Matters 6-13 

ED41 Inspector’s Matters Issues and Questions

ED43 Inspector’s Guidance Notes updated 22.9.19

List of Participants for hearing sessions with links to their Regulation 19 representations  30.11.19

The hearing statements submitted for Matters 1-14 can be viewed on the Hearing Statements page. 

Key Dates for the Hearing Sessions

Week commencing 23 September 2019

Inspector’s Matters Issues and Questions to be published

Draft Hearings Programme to be published

11 October  2019

Deadline for Representors who wish to be heard at the hearings to contact the Programme Officer

18 October 2019

Deadline for Hearing Statements for Matters 1-6 inclusive (both hard and electronic copes) to be received by the Programme Officer

22 November 2019

Deadline for Hearing Statements Matters 7-14 inclusive (both hard and electronic copies) to be received by the Programme Officer

Week commencing 4 November 2019 Hearings programme to be finalised and published
Week commencing 11 November 2019 Agendas to be published

Thursday 21 November 2019

Hearings commence