Land charges

A local land charges search is part of the conveyancing process

The search is carried out to ensure that a prospective purchaser is aware of any matters affecting the property or land. It is designed to inform them about agreements and restrictions which might affect their decision to continue with the purchase.
The first part of the search is referred to as the LLC1 form. This will reveal all the charges registered against the property, for example Conditional Planning Permissions and Tree Preservation Orders. These charges are binding on successive owners of the property or land.  

The second part of the search is referred to as the CON29 form. This will provide other relevant information held by the Council, such as Local Plan information, nearby road schemes and Notices under the Planning Acts.

Fees (from 1 January 2021)

Search fees

  • Full official search - £189
  • LLC1 - £49.70
  • CON29 Part 1 (standard enquiries) - £139.30  (incl. VAT)

Additional fees

  • CON29 Part 2 (optional inquiries 4 to 20) - £21 (incl. VAT) each
  • CON29 Part 2 (questions 21 and 22) - £31.50 (incl. VAT) each
  • Solicitor's own enquiry £25 (incl. VAT) each

Extra parcels of land

  • LLC1 - £1.00
  • CON29 - £24.50 (incl. VAT)  
  • Total £25.50

Personal search fee

  •  No charge at present 

To submit local land charges searches and for more information