Public Transport Service Changes and News

Transport Service Changes and News

Page last updated at 21 August 2017 at 11:58

Public Transport Service Changes and News           

This page provides a summary of latest news and upcoming service changes on public transport routes serving the Borough.


September 2017-  Various bus operator / route timetable changes


There are changes affecting a variety of different bus routes around the Borough from early September 2017.  These are summarised by operator below.


Bluestar services

Bluestar 2  (Southampton-Eastleigh-Fair Oak): There is an extra short journey on schooldays at 0745 from Soton to Eastleigh to alleviate overcrowding.    From September 12th.

Bluestar 5 (Eastleigh- North Baddesley-Romsey) – minor change to the pm short journey from Chandler’s Ford business parks into Eastleigh (1709 from Templars Way changed to 1712 from Asda and revised to run into Eastleigh via the B*2 route due to congestion around the colleges). From September 11th.

For more information and timetables, please visit the Bluestar website:


Stagecoach services

Stagecoach 46 (Winchester-Hursley-Hiltingbury-North Baddesley):   Removal of two college-day only services from the timetable.  Service will now run to the “all year round” timetable (4 round trips a day Winchester-Hiltingbury-North Baddesley) at all times.   Times of these 4 journeys are unchanged .  From September 3rd.

For more information and timetables, please visit the Stagecoach website:


Xelabus services:

Xelabus X4 (Eastleigh-West End-Hedge End):  Minor timetable changes for weekdays. 

New Sunday and Public Holiday service will operate between Eastleigh and Hedge End  (5 round trips). This service is being funded by EBC using BSOG funding from the Department for Transport, on a trial basis for at least the next 12 months.    From September 3rd.

Xelabus X6/X7 (Eastleigh-Velmore-Chandle’rs Ford-Hiltingbury): Minor timetable changes with one morning peak journey to operate via Valley Park to Barton Peveril (X7A)

Revised Sunday and Public Holiday timetable will mean buses will only operate between Eastleigh and Velmore.  Owing to very low use between Velmore and Fryern Hill, this section of route will be discontinued. From September 3rd.

Xelabus X8 (Eastleigh-Boyatt Wood): No change to Thursday, Friday or Saturday times but will be replaced on Sundays by the new Sunday/ Bank Holiday service X9  (see below). From September 3rd.

Xelabus X9 (Eastleigh-Colden Common-Fair Oak-Hedge End-Botley-Bishops Waltham-Swanmore):  Minor timetable changes to weekdays and NEW Sunday and Public Holiday service to Colden Common running hourly for most of the day via Boyatt Wood. From September 3rd.

Xelabus X10 (Southampton-Bitterne-West End-Horton Heath-Bishops Waltham):  Minor timetable changes to weekday times. From September 4th.

Xelabus X15 (Eastleigh-Fair Oak-Botley-Hedge End-Bursledon-Netley-Hamble):  Timetable will be changed with additional journeys between Eastleigh and Hamble to provide a bus approximately every 1h10min between mid morning and mid-afternoon.  Click here to view the timetable.   From September 4th.

School & College services:  Numerous altered and new school and college services.  Please check the Xelabus website for more details.

For more information and timetables, please visit the Xelabus website:

For more information on the improved Sunday Xelabus services, please click this link.


20 August 2017-  South West Trains franchise ends- new First/ MTR  South Western Railway franchise commences

From 20th August, all services operated under the South West Trains brand will pass over to a new operator- South Western Railway- following retendering of this train operating franchise by the Department for Transport.    For more information on this new train operator, please visit


August 2017-  Major engineering works at London Waterloo station affecting train services

Throughout the month of August, major engineering works will be taking place at London Waterloo, resulting in various changes to train services in the Borough and beyond.  Passengers are advised to check timetables and plan their trip before they travel, particularly for the August bank holiday weekend when there will be up to a 75% reduction in the number of trains running.  For more information, please visit


June 2017-  Timetable improvements on Bluestar 1, 2 and 5 routes

From Sunday 4th June,  Bluestar will be making improvements to the timetables on some of their routes, including the Bluestar 1 (Southampton-Chandler's Ford-Winchester), Bluestar 2 (Southampton-Eastleigh-Fair Oak) and Bluestar 5 (Boyatt Wood-Eastleigh-Romsey). Changes include:

  • Bluestar 1: Improved early morning service on Saturdays & Sundays; Improved late night service (Monday to Thursday)
  • Bluestar 2:  Half-hourly sunday daytime service; Improved late night service (Monday to Thursday); timetable adjustments for reliability and one extra morning journey to Southampton
  • Bluestar 5: Extra rush hour service between Templars Way and Eastleigh

Please click here to view more information at the Bluestar website.


April 2017- First M1 Marwell Zoo service returns for Summer 2017

From Saturday 8 April, the First M1 service between Eastleigh, Fair Oak and Marwell Zoo will recommence operation for the summer season this year.   The service will run on Saturdays and Sundays only during the school term, and will operate daily during school holidays (including Easter holidays and summer half term).  

The service will run hourly apart from between during the school summer holidays when a half hourly service will operate. Users of the service will receive an exclusive 10% saving on entry to Marwell on production of a valid bus ticket purchased on the M1 service.

For more information please click this link or click to view the timetable.


March 2017- Xelabus new route & X15 timetable change

From Monday 20 March 2017 Xelabus will commence operation of a bus link betwene the new Boorley Park development and Hedge End rail station.  The service will have the route number X5 and will operate half hourly  between 0615 and 0845 in the morning, and half hourly between 3.45pm and 7.30pm in the evening.  There is currently no daytime service. The timetable has been designed to offer good connections for commuters at Hedge End station to northbound trains in the AM peak and from southbound trains in the PM peak.   More information available from the Xelabus website at this link.

Also from Monday 20/03/17,  there will be some minor timetable changes on the Xelabus X15 service (Hamble-Netley-Bursledon-Hedge End-Botley-Boorley Green-Horton Heath-Fair Oak-Eastleigh).   Services will run between 5 and 15 minutes later than present, allowing more running time to account for traffic congestion and to improve access to the service for schoolchildren at Wyvern College.  The timetable will be available at the Xelabus website from Monday 20/03/17.


February 2017- Stoke Common Taxishare service

Following withdrawal of bus services in the Stoke Common area, Hampshire County Council have restarted the taxishare service to Stoke Common area.  The service will operate on Wednesdays and Fridays and offers one journey from Stoke Common to Eastleigh and one return journey on these days, allowing just under two hours shopping time in Eastleigh town centre.  For more information, please click the link to view the information leaflet.



December 2016- Christmas & New Year changes to bus and train services

All public transport operators serving the Borough have now published their Christmas & New Year timetables.  

Train services: There are major changes to train services in our area due to engineering works over the Christmas and New Year period at London Waterloo.  No train services will operate in this area on the 25th & 26th December.  You are advised to check your train times at before you travel.

Bus services:  There are changes to all bus operators schedules- you are advised to check bus times before you travel.  Please click the links below to view each bus operator’s changes to services around the Borough (and beyond) over the Christmas and New Year period.  



Bluestar 3 New timetable & route change-27th November 2016

From Sunday 27th November, Bluestar 3 (Southampton-Hedge End-Botley-Boorley Green) will operate to a new timetable. A new 2110 departure from Southampton will operate with financial support from Eastleigh Borough Council.   There will also be a change to the route of the service in Hedge End. The service will now operate between the northern end of Wildern Lane and Hedge End superstores via Botley Road, bringing the service closer to Grange Park and to the employment and retail areas off Botley Road.   The service will also no longer serve Bullar Road in Bitterne.

Information on the new timetable & route is available at the Bluestar website.



Forthcoming changes to various bus services- Late October 2016

There are a number of changes to bus services in various parts of the Borough at the end of October 2016 as a result of re-tendering of Hampshire County Council and Eastleigh Borough Council subsidised bus services. Changes are as follows:

First A (Hedge End-West End-Swaythling-Eastleigh; Sunday only service): This service will be withdrawn after Sunday 23rd October.   

First E1/ E2 (Eastleigh-Boyatt Wood-Allbrook-Otterbourne/Colden Common & Twyford- Winchester):  The tender for this HCC-supported service has been won by Stagecoach. Consequently this service will transfer over to operation by Stagecoach from Monday 31st October. More information and the new timetable are available at this link.

Xelabus X4 (Hedge End-West End-Swaythling-Eastleigh): From Monday 31st October, this service will run to a new timetable in the evening.  The last departure on this service from Eastleigh will now be at 1845.

Xelabus X15 (Hamble-Netley-Bursledon-Hedge End-Botley-Horton Heath-Fair Oak – Eastleigh): From Monday 31st October a new 1543 departure from Eastleigh to Hamble will operate on this route. This will enable users to spend a longer period in Eastleigh town centre than is possible at present.



Changes to various bus services- September 2016

There are changes to a number of bus services around the Borough in September 2016, many of which are linked to the start of the new school/ college year.  Changes are as follows:

First M (Eastleigh to Marwell Zoo):  Last operation of this summer-only service will be on Sunday 4th September 2016.

Stagecoach 46 (North Baddesley-Hiltingbury-Hursley-Winchester): A new timetable will be in place on this route from Monday 5th September.  This includes two additional journeys each way on college days as the former service PS1 will now operate as journeys on route 46, and will be extended to North Baddesley.  A revised route will run in North Baddesley and all journeys will serve Rownhams Lane.

Stagecoach 69 (Winchester-Fair Oak-Bishops Waltham-Wickham-Fareham):  From Monday 5th September, there will be a revised morning timetable to improve punctuality.

Bluestar 5 (Boyatt Wood-Eastleigh-Valley Park-North Baddesley-Romsey):  From Monday 12th September, there are some timing changes to this service to improve reliability. The 1715 Eastleigh to Boyatt Wood journey has been withdrawn and the 1715 Romsey to Eastleigh service will depart at 1720, with new timings through to Eastleigh.  



Changes to Xelabus services from Monday 5th September 2016

There will be changes to timetables on some bus routes in September 2016.  These changes are listed below:

Xelabus X3: service withdrawn.  Many journeys made on service X3 will be possible to make using the revised service X6/X7 (see below).

Xelabus X4:  Revised timetable will operate.

Xelabus X6/X7: Off peak journeys between 1000 and 1430 on Service X7 will not serve Belmont Rd, Wiltshire Rd and Cox Row but run direct along Falkland Rd to Chestnut Avenue, Chandler's Ford Asda roundabout, and Bournemouth Rd to rejoin X7 at Leigh Rd junction.  This will give a more frequent and Monday to Friday service from Eastleigh and Velmore to Asda than the former X3 provided, as well as introducing a new link from Hiltingbury to Asda.

Xelabus X9: On college days, the 0657 journey from Bishops Waltham (arriving 0811 at Eastleigh Bus Station) will be extended to Barton Peveril College arriving 0816. The 1616 journey from Eastleigh Bus Station will start from Barton Peveril College at 1613.

School and College services:  Coinciding with the start of the new school year,  there are numerous changes to school and college bus services around the Borough. Please visit the link below for full details.    

Full details on all Xelabus service changes can be found here: 



New South West Trains services to Southampton Airport on Saturday mornings

From 16th July, South West Trains will operate two new train services on Saturday mornings (one from Basingstoke & Winchester, and one from Portsmouth & Fareham) giving new connections to early morning flights from Southampton Airport.  Timings and calling points are as follows:

Portsmouth Harbour 0540;   Portsmouth and Southsea 0544;   Fratton 0548;    Cosham 0556;   Fareham 0604;    Eastleigh arrive 0617/ depart 0624; Southampton Airport Parkway 0627 (continues to Southampton Central arriving at 0635)

Basingstoke 0510;  Winchester 0526;  Eastleigh 0535;   Southampton Airport Parkway 0539  (continues to St Denys 0544 and Southampton Central arriving at 0549).



Summer bus link to Marwell Zoo

The Eastleigh town centre/ rail station to Marwell Zoo bus link (service M1, operated by First) will be operating every day during the school summer holidays, until the 4th September.  Bus users get a 10% discount on entry to the zoo.  More information and timetables are available at the Firstbus website and the Marwell Zoo website. 



Summer Rail timetables from Sunday 15th May- extra evening train service to Hedge End & Botley

Changes to the National Rail timetable will take place from 15th May.  There are no major changes to affecting the Borough, but the existing 1930 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour service (operated by Great Western Railway), which operates via Southampton Airport and Eastleigh, will call additionally at Hedge End and Botley giving better late evening links to these stations. 

This service will depart Eastleigh 2224 and arrive Hedge End 2229 and Botley 2234.  This change has been implemented following several years of lobbying & requests to First Group from the Council  (this service currently runs non stop through Hedge End and Botley).

The current 1 hour 20 minute gap in late evening trains from Eastleigh to Hedge End and Botley will be significantly reduced, to no more than 53 minutes.  

There is a good connection at Eastleigh from the 2105 Waterloo to Poole service (arrives Eastleigh 2217) meaning this additional service will also be useful for journeys from London/ Basingstoke/ Winchester to Hedge End and Botley in the evening, as well as offering a direct link from Southampton and the airport. 



Changes to various bus services– Late March & Early April 2016

There are changes to timetables on some routes taking place around Easter 2016.  These changes are listed below, in date order:

From 25th March:  Service M1 (Eastleigh-Fair Oak-Marwell) returns for the summer season.  The route will again be operated by First, and will run daily over the school Easter holidays, summer half term, and summer holidays, and on weekends and bank holidays during the rest of the period until September 2016.   Buses will run hourly between Eastleigh and Marwell, and some services continue to/from Southampton via Portswood, Airport Parkway and Southampton Road.  Marwell Wildlife visitors presenting a valid bus ticket will receive a 10% reduction on their admission price.   Please visit the Firstbus website for further information.

From 29th March:  Some changes to Xelabus services.  There will be minor timetable changes on Service X9 (Eastleigh-Colden Common-Fair Oak-Horton Heath-Hedge End-Botley-Bishops Waltham) and Service X10 (Southampton-Bitterne-West End-Horton Heath-Bishops Waltham).

There will also be changes to Eastleigh, Bishopstoke and Boyatt Wood local routes X1, X2 and X3 which will be reduced to operate only two days per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) with revised timetables. Please visit the Xelabus website for further information.

From 10th April:  First will operate an additional Sunday evening journey on Service 8 (Hedge End to Southampton). This bus will leave Hedge End station at 1850 and is intended to provide an additional travel option for cricket fans attending matches at the Ageas Bowl.  First will also operate extra journeys to and from the Ageas Bowl on certain match days- please visit the Firstbus website for more information.



Change to Xelabus X4 Saturday service-From Saturday 27th February 2016 

From Saturday 27th February 201, the current hourly Saturday service on Xelabus route X4 (Eastleigh-Parkway-West End-Hedge End) will be reduced to every two hours (from a current hourly service).  The Monday to Friday service is not affected.  Further information from the Xelabus website: 


Changes to Xelabus services from Monday 4th January 2016

There will be changes to a number of Xelabus routes from Monday 4th January 2016. Changes are as follows:

Service X11: Withdrawn between Hedge End and Southampton City Centre.

Service X6/X7: Thanks to funding from First Wessex, there will be an additional early morning Monday to Friday departure at 0705 from Eastleigh Bus Station to Fryern Hill.

The return journey will operate via Barton Peveril College arr 0750 (College days) and Eastleigh Bus Station to arrive at 0800. 

Also the existing Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1815, 1915 and 2015 round trips from Eastleigh will now operate also on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Service X15: There will be a modified timetable for this route to give a more reliable service. It will no longer serve Oatlands Rd and Maddoxford Lane at Boorley Green.

Service X10: The 0900 arrival in Southampton City Centre will be advanced to 0840 arrival at the request of a number of our customers. As a consequence running 20 mins earlier throughout.

Service X9: The 0811 arrival in Eastleigh has been retimed to depart Bishops’ Waltham 5 minutes earlier to improve reliability.  There are also some route changes between Botley and Bishop’s Waltham. 

Timetables and further information available at the Xelabus website:


Changes to South West Trains timetables- 13th December 2015

From 13th December, there are some timetable changes affecting South West Trains services. Whilst there are changes are occurring across the network, some changes will affect (mostly for the better) service at stations serving the Borough.

Of note are the following:

  • A new 0520 (Mon-Fri) Southampton Central to Waterloo service, calling Southampton Airport Parkway, Eastleigh (0531), Winchester, Micheldever, Basingstoke, Woking and Waterloo. 

This service will remove the one hour gap between direct Waterloo services from Eastleigh in the early morning (current earliest services are at 0507 and 0608) as well as providing another option for early starters in Winchester, Basingstoke etc.

  • A new 0703 (Mon-Fri) Waterloo to Weymouth  service, calling Clapham Junction, Woking, Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton Airport Parkway, Southampton Central, Totton, Brockenhurst, then all stations. These trains provide additional early morning services on the  Southampton / Waterloo route.

This service will improve early morning journey options between London and South Hampshire/ Dorset, including to Airport Parkway (and via a change at Winchester, to other stations including Eastleigh and Hedge End).

  • The existing 1655 (Mon-Fri) Portsmouth & Southsea to Eastleigh calling all stations is revised to start from Portsmouth Harbour at 1749, Portsmouth & Southsea depart 1755 and run 1 hour later than currently.

SWT believe that based on the loadings of adjoining services, the later timing of this train will be more beneficial for overall capacity/ demand.

  • On Sunday afternoons/ evenings there will be faster services and more seating capacity on services between London Waterloo to Poole and to Eastleigh.  The current services which split at Eastleigh and then go onto to Portsmouth Harbour and Poole will instead run as two separate trains:
    • From 1450, trains to Portsmouth Harbour (Via Eastleigh) will depart London Waterloo at xx50
    • From 1605, trains to Poole will depart London Waterloo at xx05

These changes will help to provide additional capacity at what is a very busy time on Sundays, and also will provide faster journey times and a more frequent service to a variety of destinations.

There are also a few other minor timetable tweaks and alterations in this area, and additionally some “shoulder peak” services to/from London will have additional carriages compared to the present- and conversely some services will have fewer carriages than at present.  There are also various more significant changes on routes not serving the Borough/ South Hampshire area. More information is available at the following weblink: and all changes are incorporated int timetabels and journey plans available from the National Rail website.


Service E1/E2 Transfer of operator from Wheelers to First- 12th October 2015

As a result of retendering by Hampshire Councty Council, service E1 & E2 (Eastleigh-Boyatt Wood- Allbrook-Twyford/Otterbourne- Winchester Hospital-Winchester City Centre) has changed operator and is now operated by Firstbus.  This service was previously operated by Wheelers.    The service is mostly unchanged but there are some minor timetable changes, with the last journey in each direction being removed.   The first two journeys in the morning, and the last two journeys in the evening also now operate from/ to Portswood.

The E1/E2 timetable can be viewed at the First Southampton website.


Various changes to bus services across the Borough- September 2015

There are normally changes to various bus services coinciding with start of new school/ college year and this year is no exception.

There are also changes to services currently operated by Brijan Tours, as a result of Brijan routes being taken over by Xelabus.  Brijan Tours have in fact gone out of business as of Friday 7th August and  Xelabus have stepped in to operate Brijan’s routes using Brijan’s vehicles in the interim.  From September 7th all Brijan routes will be directly operated by Xelabus.    All former Brijan services will be operated by low floor buses (wheras most Brijan services are/were operated by older high floor buses)- an immediate benefit for less mobile users.

Most Brijan routes and timetables are for now unchanged (except for route numbers). Full details available at the Xelabus website.

One notable exception is a restoration of daily direct services between Eastleigh, Hedge End and Bursledon/ Hamble/ Netley in the form of the new service X15.  This is a combination of existing services Brijan 15, Xelabus X56, and Brijan 8B.  Service X15 will operate daily Monday to Friday with combined financial support from HCC and EBC.

Firstbus also have major changes in Southampton detailed here. Some relatively minor changes apply to routes within the EBC area (nos 6 and no8) however there are significant service changes occurring in some areas of Southampton and some of these may affect Borough residents who travel within Southampton.

Bluestar have some changes to their services. Most notably Bluestar  1 sees an increase in frequency to every 15 minutes operation.Full details on Bluestar service changes are available here.

Full list of changes by date:

28th August:  Xelabus X5 (Airport Parkway- Chandlers Ford Business Parks- Chandlers Ford station  commuter shuttle).   Service withdrawn following end of LSTF funding. 

30th August: First 6 (Hamble-Netley-Woolston-Southampton): slight changes to early morning timetable and service 6A (St Annes School/ St Georges School service) withdrawn at the start of the new school year.  No changes in frequency or route.   Click this link to view new timetable

31 AugustFirst M1 (Eastleigh-Fair Oak-Marwell Wildlife) and M2 ( Southampton- Hedge End-Horton Heath- Fair Oak-Marwell)  last day of operation for this summer  (summer only services).

1st  September: Bluestar 1 (Southampton-Chandlers Ford- Fryern Hill- Otterbourne-Winchester).  

  • More buses: frequency increased to every 15 mins from current every 20 mins service. 
  • Improved connections to trains at Winchester station:  Additional and earlier AM peak journeys to/from Winchester rail station;  several new evening peak journeys serving the station and timed to connect with train arrivals from London. 
  • Some additional afternoon services to tackle college overcrowding issues

New timetable available online- please click here to view.

1st  September:  Bluestar 5 (Boyatt Wood-Eastleigh- Chestnut Ave-Aviary-Valley Park- N Baddesley- Romsey) .  Minor timetable changes to peak journeys in relation to college start and finish times, with some journeys running later.  New timetable available online- please click here to view.

3rd  September:  Xelabus X56- Withdrawn (replaced by X15 from 7th September)

3rd September: Brijan 8B withdrawn (replaced by X15 from 7th September)

6th September:  First 8 (Hedge End Grange Park- West End-Townhill Park-Southampton).  Service rerouted to operate direct between City Centre and Bitterne via Northam, instead of via Woolston. New timetable- frequency remains half-hourly and hours of operation unchanged.

7th September:  Xelabus X15 replaces Brijan Service 15 from Hamble to Hedge End and extended via Botley, Boorley Green, Denhams Corner, Horton Heath, Fair Oak to Eastleigh Bus Station.  Timetable attached to this message (not yet available online but will appear on the Xelabus website closer to Sep 7th). 

7th September:  Brijan routes transfer to Xelabus

  • Xelabus X10  replaces Brijan 7  (Waltham Chase- Swanmore-Bishops Waltham- Durley-Horton Heath-West End- Bitterne-Southampton). No changes from Brijan 7 timetable- route number change and operator/ vehicle changes only.
  • Xelabus X9  replaces Brijan 8  (Bishops Waltham-Swanmore-Waltham Chase-Botley-Hedge End Town Centre-Superstores- Grange Park-Station- Horton Heath-Fair Oak- Colden Common-Allbrook-Twyford Rd- Eastleigh).  No changes from Brijan 8 timetable- route number change and operator/ vehicle changes only.
  • Xelabus X15 New service - Hamble to Eastleigh via Netley, Bursledon, Hedge End, Botley, Boorley Green, Denhams Corner, Horton Heath, Fair Oak to Eastleigh Bus Station.  Will operate on a daily basis and replace existing Thursday only X56/ 8B and Mon/Weds/ Fri Brijan 15 routes. 

Other Xelabus service changes 

  • Xelabus X4 (Eastleigh –Parkway-West End-Hedge End): The 1945 and 2045 Monday to Wednesday journeys from Eastleigh Bus Station to Hedge End and the 2008 and 2108 return services will be withdrawn. Last services Mon-Weds Eastleigh- Hedge End 1845; Hedge End to Eastleigh 1908.    No other changes to timetable.
  • Xelabus X6/X7 (Eastleigh-Velmore- Chandlers Ford- Fryern Hill- Hiltingbury).   Changes to Saturday timetable-  service will now terminate at Fryern Hill and will not extend to Hiltingbury as at present.    Service will also be reduced to hourly (from current half hourly) throughout.   Monday to Friday and Sunday service unchanged from present.
  • Xelabus X1  (Eastleigh- Bishopstoke shopper service) - Revised timetable. No change to route
  • Xelabus X2 (Eastleigh –Boyatt Wood shopper service) - Revised timetable and route change - from Eastleigh Bus Station, Romsey Rd, Twyford Road, Shakespeare Rd, Woodside Avenue, Broadlands Avenue clockwise, Woodside Avenue, Shakespeare Rd, Twyford Rd, Bus Station and TESCO.
  • Xelabus X3 (Eastleigh –Boyatt Wood/Velmore shopper service) - Revised timetable and route change.  Route will now be from Eastleigh Bus Station, Romsey Rd, Twyford Road, Shakespeare Rd, Woodside Avenue, Broadlands Avenue anti clockwise, Woodside Avenue then current route to ASDA. Return will be reverse direction.

New Xelabus timetables not yet available online but will appear on the Xelabus website closer to Sep 7th.

7th September:  Unilink U1 (Airport Parkway-Swaythling-Highfield Campus- Portswood-City Centre- NOC [with AM/ PM peak extensions to/from Eastleigh bus station])  –reverts to term time timetables- no major changes.


First Service 8/8A Southampton-Hedge End-Botley:  evening service cuts from 19th July 2015

From Sunday 19th July  there will be reductions to the evening service on this route.  The service will no longer extend to Botley and will instead terminate at Hedge End station. Additionally, the last departure from Southampton city centre will be at 2025, compared to a current last service Southampton-Botley at  2245.  

The daytime service until approx 1830 will be unchanged from the current timetable.   The new timetable is available here and will also be available on the “forthcoming timetables” section of the Firstbus website shortly.

After this service change, the last bus of the day from Southampton to Botley will be the 1905 Bluestar 3 service.  The last bus of the day from Southampton to Hedge End will be the 2025 First 8 service.  Rail connections from Southampton to Hedge End and Botley stations are possible at later departure times (up to 0030) with a change at Eastleigh or Fareham, and may be suitable for some journeys.


First M1/ M2 Marwell Wildlife Bus links

Summer bus links to Marwell Wildlife return this summer.  This year there will be two services, both operated by First, to Marwell Zoo. As well as the usual Eastleigh service, there is also an extra benefit of an additional service M2 from 3 May operating from Lordshill, Southampton Central Station, Bitterne and Hedge End to Marwell Zoo, enabling more people to access the Zoo by bus. 

First M1 Eastleigh Rail Station- Eastleigh Bus Station- Fair Oak-Marwell, every hour between 1025 and 1725.  Operates Saturdays and Sundays and Bank Holidays until 31st August, and every day during school Easter holidays (3-17 April); summer half term (25 to 29 May) and summer holidays (23 July to 31 August).   Click to view an information leaflet for the M1

First M2 Lordshill-Shirley-City Centre-Bitterne-Hedge End- Fair Oak- Marwell. Three journeys each way on Sundays (3 May to 30 August) and Wednesdays (22 July to 26 August). Click to view an information leaflet for the M2

Users of both services will get 10% discount on admission to the zoo on production of a bus ticket.  


Xelabus service changes from 20th April 2015

There will be some changes to Xelabus services from Monday 20th April 2015 

Xelabus X4: Monday to Friday daytime service will reduce to hourly from every 30 minutes between 0930 and 1530. Additional rush hour journeys will still operate ( mostly every 30 minutes).  

Xelabus X6/X7: Because of low usage the service in Peverells Wood Avenue and Constantine Avenue will be removed and all X6 and X7 journeys will operate directly along Oakmount Road in both directions. 

Evening and Sunday journeys will still turn back at Fryern Hill for journeys back to Eastleigh via Peverells Road and Peverells Wood Avenue. 

Xelabus X11: revised timetable will operate but still retain an hourly frequency. The route in Hedge End will be substantially revised, with Wildern Lane no longer served. Route will be as follows:

From Thornhill Park along the A334 to Tollbar Way, Hedge End stores then Tollbar Way, Botley Road, Grange Road, Kings Copse Avenue, Heath House Lane, Bursledon Road to St Johns Road, Hedge End Town Centre (Barleycorn) and return to Southampton via Upper Northam Road.

This will operate in this one direction only. 

Customers for Hedge End superstores in Kings Copse Avenue will still be able to use the X4 service towards Eastleigh.

The route in Southampton City Centre will also be revised. 

For further details of these and some other minor service and fare changes, please refer to this article on the Xelabus website  


Brijan 8B- additional links between Botley, Boorley Green, Horton Heath and Eastleigh on Thursdays from 26th February 2015

Brijan Tours 8B is a new Thursdays-only route operating with financial support from Eastleigh Borough Council, that fills in the other gaps left by the W56. It serves Botley, Boorley Green and Horton Heath before running along the same route as Brijan 8 via Fair Oak and Colden Common into Eastleigh. Timetable here


Hamble, Bursledon and Netley to Eastleigh service changes from 26th February 2015

From Thursday 26th February Xelabus will be taking over the W56 service operated by Wheelers Travel. 

The new X56 will offer three journeys from Hamble linking Netley, Lowford, Tesco Bursledon, Hedge End, Superstores, West End, Haskins, Mansbridge and Parkway to Eastleigh Bus Station. 

The new timetable will be available from early February. This service operates with financial support from Eastleigh Borough Council. 


Wheelers W56 Ceases operation after Thursday 19th February

This Thursday only service, supported by Eastleigh Borough Council, will cease operating after Thursday 19th February and will be replaced by Xelabus X56 and Brijan Tours 8B (see above) from Thursday 26th February. 


Timetable and fare changes on Bluestar 1 & 2 from 22nd February 2015

From 22nd February there will be some minor changes to timetables on Bluestar 1 and 2. These changes are to improve reliability.  There will also be an additional early evening service on Sundays, timed for when West Quay shopping centre closes, to help Sunday shoppers get home more quickly. More information

There will also be some fare changes from 23rd February - click this link for more details. 


Changes to Thursday services between Hamble, Netley, Bursledon and Eastleigh (Wheelers service W56)

Wheelers service W56 (Hamble- Netley- Bursledon- Hedge End- Botley/Boorley Green- Eastleigh) will cease operating from Thursday 19th February 2015.

Xelabus will take over operation of this route from Thursday 26th February 2015, with a new timetable and some alterations to the route between Bursledon and Eastleigh.   Brijan will also operate several additional services in Thursdays between Botley, Boorley Green and Eastleigh from Thursday 26th February.   For further information please click this link.


Xelabus service renumbering - 9th February 2015

From Monday 9th February the former Velvet routes S1, S2 and B4, now operated by Xelabus,  will be re-numbered.

Service S1 will become service X11

Service S2 will become service  X12

Service B4 will become service  X14 

There will be no changes to timetables for X11 and X12,  but X14 will only operate Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  For further information please contact Xelabus.  


Xelabus take over remaining Velvet routes

From Monday 12th January, the remaining routes in the Borough operated by Velvet Bus are being taken over by Xelabus.  This comes in addition to some other already announced changes.

Xelabus will operate service S1 (formerly Velvet route A) between  Hedge End-Southampton-Shirley-Southampton General Hospital- Lordshill.  This service will operate hourly.  This route replaces the former Velvet route A. 

Service B4 (Bitterne to Burseledon Tesco) will be increased to daily operation. 

The services will be operated by green Xelabus vehicles.  Velvet bus will cease to exist after Monday 12th January and all enquiries should be directed to Xelabus.   For further information please contact Xelabus.  


Various bus service changes - early January 2015

There are service changes on many bus routes serving the Borough during early January 2015.  Some of the service changes are commercial ones introduced by the bus operators, but most of the changes affect routes which are financially supported by Hampshire County Council (HCC).  As a result of HCC's passenger transport review, and the need to reduce their spending on public transport, subsidies for many routes have been reduced, resulting in the changes listed below. 

Brijan 15:   The Brijan 15 (Hamble-Netley-Bursledon-Hedge End) will be reduced to operating only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Service on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will cease.    The service on these days will be reduced from the current 8 journeys each way to 4 / 5 journeys each way, between about 0900 and about 1630. Early morning journeys and journeys after 1630 will be withdrawn.    Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 

Brijan 7/8:   The Brijan 7 (Southampton-Bitterne-West End-Horton Heath-Bishops Waltham) and Brijan 8 (Eastleigh-Colden Common-Fair Oak-Horton Heath-Hedge End-Botley-Waltham Chase- Swanmore- Bishops Waltham)  services are unchanged Monday to Friday, but the Saturday frequency will be halved to one bus every 2 hours from the current hourly service.     Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


First 6: The Sunday service on this route (Hamble-Netley-Woolston-Southampton)  will be cut from every 30 minutes to every hour.    Changes apply from 18th January 2015. 


First 8: A new timetable for this route (Hedge End-West End-Townhill Park-Southampton) will be introduced.  Service frequency is largely unchanged Monday to Saturday (although there are some timing changes).  The Sunday service is reduced from the current half-hourly service to hourly.    Additionally service 8B (Monday to Saturday evening extension to Botley) has some changes, with the last journey from Southampton now leaving at 2245 rather than 2340.    Changes apply from 18th January 2015.


 First 26:  The entire current service (Hedge End-Botley-Curbridge-Park Gate-Segensworth-Fareham) is withdrawn. Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Wheelers E1/E2:  Following a tender process, Wheelers have won routes E1/ E2 (Eastleigh to Winchester via Boyatt Wood, Allbrook, and Twyford or Otterbourne).   Wheelers E1/E2 will operate hourly to a similar timetable to the current Bluestar 5. Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Bluestar E1/E2:    Following this route being taken over by Wheelers Travel (see above) the Bluestar E1 & E2 routes will cease to operate. However Bluestar will continue to serve Boyatt Wood half-hourly throughout the day, operating as Bluestar 5. Some journeys will continue to North Baddesley and Romsey. Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Stagecoach 46:   This service will be cut back to North Baddesley and will no longer serve Lordshill or Southampton General Hospital.   The service will now provide 4 journeys each way North Baddesley-Valley Park- Knightwood-Hiltingbury-Hursley-Winchester, compared to the current 5 to 7 journeys each way.Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Xelabus X1/X2/X3:  These local "shopper" services around Eastleigh will now operate Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) with a new timetable. Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Xelabus C3/C4 : This service (Hiltingbury to Chandlers Ford and Fryern Hill) will be withdrawn and replaced by the new Xelabus X6/ X7 (see below).  Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Xelabus X6/X7:  The existing Xelabus X7 and C3/C4 services will be modified to create a new set of services numbers X6 and X7. These services will run half hourly Monday to Saturday Eastleigh-Velmore-Chandlers Ford, before operating via a loop around Hiltingbury and Fryern Hill, back to Chandlers Ford.  X6 will operate "clockwise" around the loop, and X7 "anti-clockwise.  Both services will run hourly. Changes apply from 5th January 2015.


Xelabus X7:  On Sundays, Evenings and Public Holidays the X7 will operate to Fryern Hill only. The section of route along Winchester Rd, Hiltingbury Rd, Nichol Rd, Heathfield Rd, Ashdown Rd, Hiltingbury Road will no longer operate.A revised Sunday timetable will also be introduced.Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Xelabus X8- A revised Sunday timetable will be introduced. Changes apply from 5th January 2015. 


Xelabus X4-  Minor timetable changes but evenings journeys will operate direct along Southampton Road rather than via Derby Road, Passfield Avenue and Chestnut Avenue. This will help improve punctuality over the rest of the route.  Changes apply from 5th January 2015.  


Velvet A- This service is being taken over by Xelabus and will be joined to service S1 (Southampton to Lordshill)  to become a through service Hedge End-Southampton-Shirley-Southampton General Hospital- Lordshill.  The service frequency will however be reduced from every 30 minutes, to every hour.   Changes apply from 12th January 2015. 

For further information and for forthcoming timetables, please refer to the websites or contact the bus operators directly:

Updated timetables for each route will be provided on our main public transport webpages in early January. 


Medical Transport service fare changes- 29th September 2014

From 29th September, fares will be revised for some journeys on the EBC Medical Transport service. Some fares will be better value for money than before.  For more information and to view updated information, please visit the medical transport page.


Xelabus Airport Parkway to Chandlers Ford new route- 1st September 2014

From 1st September 2014, Xelabus will be operating new route X5 between Southampton Airport Parkway station, Chandlers Ford Business Parks, and Chandlers Ford rail station. The new service will run up to every 15 minutes at rush hour and every 30 minutes off peak, Monday to Friday,  and is being started with support from the My Journey project and Eastleigh Borough Council, in order to help improve non-car access to the Chandlers Ford business areas.  Employees at many of the businesses in Chandlers Ford will qualify for free travel on this service. 

Please click this link to download a timetable & information flyer about this new service. 


Changes to Wheelers services in September 2014

From 27th September, service W2 (Hiltingbury-Valley Park-Shirley-Southampton) will be withdrawn. 

For more information, please refer to the Traveline website or the Wheelers website. 


Changes to Uni-link services- 1st September 2014

From 1st September 2014, there are changes to all Uni-link services, including the U1 (Airport Parkway-Highfield Campus-Portswood-Southampton) and U1E  extensions to Eastleigh. 

There will be a new timetable on the U1 to improve reliability, and extra U1E morning and evening rush hour services to/from Eastleigh bus station. 

For further information, please visit the Uni-link website


Changes to Stagecoach services- 31 August 2014

From 31 August 2014, there will be a new timetable on Stagecoach service 69 (Winchester-Colden Common-Fair Oak-Bishops Waltham-Wickham-Fareham). Morning peak journeys towards Winchester during school holidays will be retimed to arrive earlier due to reduced volumes of traffic 

For more information on this and other Stagecoach service changes, please refer to the Stagecoach website


Solent Go travelcard-August 2014  Solent Go

From August 2014, a new travelcard for the Solent area will be available.  Called the Solent Go card, you will be able to use this card to pay for travel on buses across Eastleigh.  This new travelcard helps make bus travel easier and better value:

  • The card makes it easy to hop-on and hop-off public transport, saving you time and speeding up bus journeys
  • The card avoids you needing to carry the correct change or multiple paper tickets
  • The card covers both bus and ferry travel across the Solent area 

More information on this new travelcard is available at the Solent Go website: 


First service changes- from 27th July 2014

There are major timetable changes from next weekend affecting First routes 4/ 4A/ X4 through Bursledon and Old Netley.

ALL buses will be be numbered as X4 and X5.  Buses to Southampton will operate every 15 mins (Mon to Sat). There will be earlier buses to Southampton and improved Sunday services. 

Additionally buses will now run every 15 mins to Locks Heath and Fareham, with services continuing every half hour onward to Portsmouth and every half hour onward to Gosport.  All Gosport buses will go via Fareham bus station then via Stubbington and Lee-On-Solent. 

X4, X5 timetable leaflets now available from First’s Southampton and Fareham offices, Fareham area timetable book available next week. Details are also on First’s website now-forthcoming timetable pages


Velvet Bus service changes- 21 July 2014

Velvet Bus ceased trading as on Wednesday 16th July, however the company restarted some services from Friday 18th July.  Some Velvet services were temporarily covered by Wheelers and Bluestar but are now back under operation by Velvet. 

From 18th July, the following arrangements will be in place on routes currently or formerly operated by Velvet:

  • Service A (Hedge End- Bitterne-Southampton): Service being operated by Velvet.  Timetable unchanged.
  • Service X4 (Eastleigh-Airport Parkway-Mansbridge-Hedge End): Evening journeys (1845, 1945 and 2045 from Eastleigh, 1908,2008,2108 from Hedge End) now taken over by Xelabus. Timetable is otherwise unchanged.
  • Service X7 (Eastleigh-Velmore-Chandlers Ford): Evening journeys on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and Sunday service taken over by Xelabus. Timetables will be unchanged.
  • Service E8 (Eastleigh-Boyatt Wood): Service taken over by Xelabus and operating as route number X8- Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings only.
  • Service M (Eastleigh-Fair Oak-Marwell Zoo): Service being operated by Velvet. Timetable and days of operation  (daily from Thursday 24th August) are unchanged.
  • Service B4 (Bursledon Tesco-Sholing-Bitterne): This service is being operated by Velvet. Timetable unchanged.
  • Service 503 (Thornden school bus)- to be operated by Xelabus until end of term. Timetable unchanged. 

For further information, please contact the operator of your route.


Xelabus service changes- 27th May and 23rd June 2014

From 23rd June, the  Velvet  A (Eastleigh-Hedge End) will be taken over by Xelabus, becoming the X4. The X4 will take a different route between Eastleigh Bus Station and Airport Parkway to the present Velvet A.   Velvet will continue to operate the A between Hedge End and Southampton only. 

Additionally, there will be the following Xelabus changes:

  • Xelabus X7 (Chandlers Ford-Velmore-Eastleigh) new timetable with frequency  increased to every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday;
  • Xelabus to provide ALL Barton Peveril College routes previously operated by Velvet; and
  • Xelabus X3- new route and timetable 

New timetables on the Xelabus website


Firstbus service changes from 1st June 2014

From 1 June , First have announced that their service 8/8A (Hedge End circular-West End-Townhill Park-Bitterne-Southampton) will see some substantial changes.  

On Mondays to Saturdays, the route will be cut in frequency from every 15 minutes to half hourly and will follow a shorter loop in Hedge End, serving the Grange Park area only,  and not serving Hedge End town centre, Upper/Lower Northam Road, Tollbar Way or Botley Road as the current 8/8A do.  

The route will also now run to Southampton via Peartree Green and Woolston/ Itchen Bridge, rather than via Northam as at present. The half-hourly Sunday service continues, but on the revised route. 

View the new timetable.  This change is one part of a range of changes to First services in Southampton taking place from 1st June - more information here


Mobile Journey Planner Apps

A new Southampton Buses app for iphone has been released. This free app gives journey planning and real time bus and train information , and coversall the public transport operators in Eastleigh. 

To download the Southampton Buses  app, please visit the link below: 

This comes in addition to existing apps for Bluestar and Velvet: