Pest control charges for residents from 1 January 2020

Call-out advice charge: £28.40

If you are unsure which pest you have we can make an assessment visit and give you advice

Rats and Mice:

Full treatment: Four visits made at weekly intervals, half hour appointments are booked. You may only need three visits:
£81 (then £21.70 per visit if after four visits there is still a problem)

Wasps and Hornets:

Treatment of one nest (one visit): £50
Charge for each additional nest (treated at the same time): £21

Fleas/Bed Bugs (up to five beds):

Full treatment (three visits, one hour visit followed by two half hour visits booked a fortnight apart): £119

For every hour after the full treatment: £67.50 

Insects: Cockroaches, Carpet Beetles, Carpet Moths:

First visit: £119.00
Hourly charge after first visit: £67.50

Further information and our cancellation policy

If one of our Pest Control Officers visits your property on an advice visit and it turns out to be a pest that we are not able to treat our call out charge of £28.40 will still be applicable.

Visits are made for an hour or half an hour, depending on the pest, however this includes travel time and doesn’t mean our officer will need that amount of time at your property to deal with the pest/s.  All prices include VAT.

We will issue a full refund if you cancel your first appointment with at least 48 hours notice.

Residents on defined benefits may be entitled to a discount.