Advice on bees

We do not provide any treatment for bees as they are a protected species. We do however liaise with Bee Keepers who are often happy to help with this problem. If you feel you have a problem with a swarm of bees, or have an enquiry, you can find more information from the British Beekeepers                                                                       

Bumble bees

  • They nest in compost heaps, holes in the ground, under sheds and patio slabs
  • They will disappear from the site in the autumn
  • From the environmental point of view bumble bees are to be encouraged in our environment because they pollinate fruit trees, flowers and crops
  • The queen only produces approximately 40 workers per year during March and April
  • Only small numbers will be seen at one time
  • They do not sting if left alone.

Honey bees

  • Swarm when the hive gets crowded
  • Produce a princess for the old colony (hive) and force the old queen to leave to make a new hive
  • Approximately 15,000 will swarm
  • The old queen will not fly far and will rest on a branch, where the bees swarm round her and start producing bees-wax
  • Characterised by lots of buzzing around followed by a period of quiet
  • Nest is trees, roofs, compost bins, anywhere dry and warm.

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