Unauthorised encampments

Advice on unauthorised encampments

When people move on to a piece of land they do not own, without the permission of the landowner, this is called an unauthorised encampment. This is a civil matter of trespass between the landowner and the occupants of the encampment, and it is the responsibility of the landowner to deal with the encampment.

Public land
If the land is Council owned we may be able to apply for a Possession Order. We will need to show consideration for the housing, health, welfare and education needs of the occupants of the encampment. This usually requires an assessment visit to the encampment before any legal action can be taken.

Private land

Land that is privately owned by a company or individual, would need the landowner to obtain a Possession Order through the County Court or Magistrates Court through the use of a private solicitor or by using a bailiff service.