Private water supplies

There are two types of water supply to homes; mains and private water.

Mains Water
Mains Water is supplied by the local water authority. The major water authority in our Borough is Southern Water and any issues with your mains water supply should be directed to them.

Private Water Supplies
Around one percent of the population use water from private supplies. Under the Private Water Supplies Regulation 2009 such supplies are monitored by the relevant local authority to ensure they meet certain standards.

A private supply can serve one property or have a larger network of water pipes supplying many properties. The water source may be a spring, well, borehole, pond or stream. The owner or those using the supply are responsible for repairing and maintaining it, whilst we are responsible for testing the water supplies to make sure they are safe to use for drinking and washing in accordance with the 2009 Regulations.

If you own or drink water from a private supply and are unsure whether it has been registered with us please contact us for more information.