Filthy and verminous property

Such a property can cause a health issue with spread of odours, flies and pests

We have the power to deal with filthy and verminous premises under The Public Health Act 1936.

  • Filthy - usually means there is rotting food, human or animal excrement inside the property.
  • Verminous - means the property is infested with pests such as vermin or insects.

Filthy or verminous premises present a serious risk to public health and can have a detrimental effect on people's well-being. Such properties may also start to affect neighbouring properties due to the smells, infestations and problems caused by poor repair.

Piles of rubbish (accumulations)

Whilst people have a legal right to store items on their own premises, this must not result in a nuisance to their neighbours or present a public health risk. Accumulations which may cause a statutory nuisance include items which could cause risk to health or a nuisance to neighbouring properties. For example:

  • An accumulation of refuse sacks containing food waste in your neighbour’s garden which gives rise to unpleasant odours and flies
  • Rotting food or materials which may attract flies, rats or other vermin
  • Rubbish which may provide harbourage for rats and mice.

If you have an issue with vermin outside or inside your own property, we offer a pest control service.