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We use energy everywhere in the home, from turning on the lights, watching the TV, heating the home, brushing our teeth, to all the various appliances we have plugged in and with the recent price rises, it is costing us more and more each year.

The only permanent way to fight the rising cost of energy is to use less of it. Energy saving is something the Council is always looking at for our own services but also helping the residents of the Borough do the same. 

In UK homes, most energy is used on heating, hot water and running lighting and appliances. The pages under Energy Saving each focus on a different aspect and have lots of energy saving tips that are free or cost very little, they will save you money and help the environment. Click on the links in the menu. 

The Council can provide advice on energy saving through talks to community groups, smaller energy saving groups and individual energy checks. Click on energy saving advice for more information. 

To get some guidance on what you can do to make your home more energy efficient take a look at the recomendations section of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your house.

Water is a valuable resource and particularly with the introduction of water meters across the Borough it makes sense to not waste it. Please take a look at our water saving tips. 

We recognise many people struggle to pay their bills, so along with energy saving we have added advice on managing your overdue utility bills

It's also never been easier to switch your energy supplier and start saving. 

To find out more, contact Giles Gooding on 023 8068 8274, email, Twitter @EcoEastleigh

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