EIR Fees and Charges

When making an EIR request, please be aware that there are some circumstances where we can charge a fee for making the information available. Any charge should be ‘reasonable’ and it should not exceed the costs we incur in making the information available. It may cover the cost of the paper for photocopying or printing the information and a covering letter and the cost of postage. It may also include the cost of staff time in identifying, locating or retrieving the information from storage.

There is no charge for:

  • information contained in the public registers we hold
  • lists of information
  • published data sets
  • information published in our disclosure log
  • examining information at the council's office

Where a charge is applicable, we will inform the requester as soon as possible. We will send a fees quote to the requester which will include:

  • How much the charge will be?
  • How we estimated the charge.
  • The deadline for making the payment (normally 60 days from the date of the fees notice)

In all cases where a charge is payable, payment will be required in advance of any work to assemble and supply the information.

The standard charges that have been set are as follows:

  • £25 per hour for staff time
  • 10p per A4 black and white print out or photocopy
  • 50p per A4 colour print out or photocopy
  • 35p per CD if already held in this format
  • Further costs may apply for disbursements such as (redaction tape, envelopes etc.) and these will be advised if applicable.