Climate Local Commitment


We signed the Climate Local Commitment in 2012 in recognition of the important role that local authorities have in tackling climate change. In signing the Commitment we pledge to set locally-owned and determined targets and actions on both mitigation and adaptation and publish these within six months.

Our priorities are set out below and included is a link to the key objectives and actions we will undertake to deliver them. We will monitor our performance against these actions and report annually on our progress.

We will also regularly refresh this list of actions to ensure they are up-to-date and reflect local priorities.

Our ambition:
We want our Borough to be regarded nationally as a leader in how to tackle climate change. We will work with our community to establish Eastleigh as a Low Carbon Borough. We will lead by example in using our resources efficiently and developing innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the Council by 50% by 2020. We will work with the wider community and key partners to support and help deliver a range of climate change initiatives that will contribute to a reduction in Borough wide carbon emissions of 34% by 2020.

Our commitments and actions:
Energy commitment: The consumption of energy by businesses and homes will reduce and there will be a significant increase in the generation of green, secure electricity through a diverse range of district-wide and microgeneration schemes

Transport & travel commitment
Public transport, cycling and walking will become realistic and viable alternatives to using the car for many journeys, especially shorter journeys and those between district centres and local homes. Emissions from Council vehicles will be reduced through the more efficient use of vehicles and vehicles using alternative forms of fuel.

Waste minimisation & recycling commitment 
The level of waste generated in the Borough will decrease and the rate of recycling increased. Items we dispose of will no longer be considered as waste but used as a resource.

Water resources commitment 
Public bodies, businesses and residents will work collaboratively to achieve reductions in water use across the Borough. Residents and businesses will feel supported in their efforts to use these resources more efficiently and sustainably.

Low carbon development and construction commitment
New developments will be carbon neutral and conform to high standards of sustainability by delivering efficiency in energy and water use and minimising waste and the impact on the natural environment from their construction. They will be located where sustainable modes of transport are easily accessible and where they do not suffer from or worsen the effects of climate change.

Low carbon economy commitment
Our Borough's low carbon economy will grow with business and job growth within green technologies. We will build a reputation for a low carbon economy; encouraging green businesses and innovation in green technology. Businesses will work together to develop more sustainable business practices and achieve savings in their energy and water use and levels of waste.

Food commitment
Residents will have the opportunity to grow their own and easily source locally grown food. The sustainability of food supply and availability and consumption of locally grown food in the Borough will be improved.

Adapting to climate change commitment
Council services and operational buildings will be resilient to the future impacts of climate change. Working with external agencies and organisations our local community will be prepared for, supported and empowered to build resilience to the impacts of future climate change.

Awareness, engagement & education commitment
Our staff, residents and the wider community will be aware of the effects of climate change, will be keen to take action and understand how and what action they can take individually and with others to both reduce their carbon footprint and adapt to cope with the effects in the future.