Borough Council Emergency Control Centre (BECC)

In the event of major incident requiring coordination, Eastleigh Borough Council will establish the BECC.

In most cases, the BECC will be established in Eastleigh House.

The functions of the centre are:

  • to collect, collate and disseminate information so that quick and informed decisions can be made,
  • to co-ordinate the work and act as the central liaison point for our services and other organisations involved in the emergency,
  • to record and time all requests for services and resources and the actions taken in consequence,

In addition to the BECC support staff it is also likely that there will be liaison officers in attendance from other agencies involved in the incident. 
We will often send a member of staff to the scene to act as the Local Authority Liaison Officer and to be the control room’s "eyes and ears" at the scene. They will advise the Police Incident Commander on the availability and deployment of council resources to assist with the emergency and provide information to the Controller in the emergency centre.
During the emergency phase in all major emergencies it should be remembered that the local authority role is normally one of support to the full-time emergency services. However, once the emergency phase of the incident has ended it is likely that the local authority would become the lead authority for the return to normality.