Postal and proxy voting

How to apply for a postal vote or appoint a proxy

Voting by post

Anybody can apply to vote by post as long as they appear on the Electoral Register.

You can apply to vote by post for all future elections, a fixed period or for one election. Applications to vote by post must be received eleven working days before an election.

When applying for a postal vote, you must provide your date of birth and signature. This information is securely held and only used to check the details against the Postal Voting Statement returned with your ballot paper. 

Once you received your postal vote, complete the ballot paper and follow the instructions provided.  It can be sent in the post or hand delivered back to us at Eastleigh House or you can deliver it to a polling station within your electoral area.  Votes can only be received up to the close of poll on election day, which is 10pm.

Please note that if you choose to vote by post then you will not be able to vote in person at a polling station.

If you will be on holiday on election day, please contact us on 023 8068 8000 before applying for a postal vote to find out when we will be sending out the ballot papers.  We follow strict dates for posting, and cannot always guarantee to deliver these to you before you go away.

To apply please complete a postal vote application form and return it by:

  • email - take a picture and send it to; or
  • post - send to Freepost EBC Electoral Services (no other detail is required on the envelope). 

Voting by proxy

Voting by proxy means that you can appoint someone else to vote on your behalf.  However, if you find that you are able to vote on election day, you can still go to the polling station and vote, but the person you have appointed as your proxy will not then be able to vote on your behalf. The deadline for applications to vote by proxy is by 5pm, six working days before election day.  See below for information about emergency applications.  

Single election proxy form

Your proxy can either vote at the polling station where you would have had to vote yourself or they can apply for a postal proxy vote. Applications for a postal proxy vote must be received eleven working days before an election. 

You may need to appoint a proxy because:

  • you are unable to go to the polling station eg if you are away on holiday
  • you have a physical condition that means you cannot go to the polling station
  • your job means you cannot go to the polling station
  • your attendance on an education course means you cannot go to the polling station 
  • you are a British citizen living overseas (Parliamentary and European Parliamentary only)
  • you are a crown servant or a member of the armed forces

If circumstances change and you need to vote by proxy and it is within six working days of an election,  you will need to complete an emergency application form to vote by proxy, or if you have any queries regarding the above, or would like more advice, please contact us on 023 8068 8000 or email

Your application will be acknowledged and you will receive confirmation that your request to vote by proxy has been registered.