Reporting an accident or defect - Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicles

You must report any accident to the licensing team that affects the safety, performance or appearance of your licensed vehicle. You must tell us within 72 hours in writing.

If your vehicle has a mechanical fault that means you will need to rent a temporary vehicle, you must report it to us.

If you have an accident/vehicle defect you must:

  1. Report an accident or defect. For reporting accident damage, use the accident report form
  2. If the damage/defect is severe the vehicle licence will be suspended
  3. If using a temporary replacement vehicle, your plate must be handed to a licensing officer in exchange for a temporary plate
  4. When the damage/defect has been repaired, contact to arrange to swap the temporary plate for your own plate. The suspension of you vehicle licence will be lifted once the vehicle has been inspected by an officer. You must not use your vehicle for work until the suspension has been lifted.

If you do not return the temporary plate your plate will not be returned and the licence will remain suspended.

Please use the following link for further information regarding temporary licensed vehicles

Licensing Team