Borough News advertising

Advertise in our award winning newspaper

Borough News is our free award winning newspaper which is delivered to 57,000 homes across the borough four times a year. It provides an exciting range of up-to-date articles and features about Council services, activities and events together with other useful information for the community.

  • Print run - 58,400
  • Size - Tabloid (360 x 292 mm)
  • Pages - 16pp or 20pp (max 20% advertising space)
  • Colour - Full colour
  • Distribution - door-to-door, libraries, parish councils and online

Rate Card

Full page 320 x 265.5 mm (portrait) £1,050 + VAT
Half page 160 x 265.5 mm (landscape) £575 + VAT
Fifth page 160 x 103.5 mm (portrait) £315 + VAT
Tenth page 80 x 103.5 mm (landscape) £210 + VAT

Rates are available on request for premium positions, alternative sizes or sponsorship packages. Artwork design is also available.

Discounts available

  • 10% off first booking for new advertisers
  • 15% off for partners
  • 20% off for four consecutive bookings
  • 25% off for roundabout sponsors

Page measurements

Margin: 10mm Gutter width: 4.5mm Column width: 49.5mm
1 col = 49.5mm 2 col = 103.5mm 3 col = 157.5mm
4 col = 211.5mm 5 col = 265.5mm  

Artwork specification

Jpeg artwork to be provided; we will set the advertisement for you. The advertiser should ensure all artwork has been thoroughly checked before submission. Eastleigh Borough Council cannot accept responsibility for inaccuracies in artwork produced by third parties.

Approval and booking process

All advertisers will be suitably vetted by Trading Standards prior to a decision being made in relation to the placement of an advert. Such vetting can be evidenced by membership of the Council’s approved contractor regime, the Buy with Confidence scheme, a similar accredited scheme run by another authority, an approved venue licence holder, or membership of a relevant trade association which applies similar vetting procedures to its members.

Following approval, the Council will issue a Booking Agreement.  Once the advertiser has returned this agreement it will not be able to cancel the booking and will remain liable for payment of the price for the period of the booking. An invoice for the price of the booking will be issued on publication of the advertisement and the advertiser shall pay the price for the booking within 30 days of receipt of the Council’s invoice.

If the Council has incurred any design costs on the advertiser’s behalf it shall invoice the advertiser for that amount.

The Council reserves the right to refuse any individual advertisement not deemed appropriate without explanation and can remove any advertisement immediately, if necessary.

Terms and conditions apply

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