Terms and conditions

Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

The Council's approach is that sponsorship/advertising is permitted unless it falls into the prohibitive categories defined below.

Any sponsor or advertiser should appreciate the aims and objectives of the Council and its projects and be prepared to work in support of these. No sponsor or advertiser will be given undue control over the direction or content of the project.

Sponsorship or advertising agreements will not mean that a business gains favourable terms from Eastleigh Borough Council in any other dealings with Eastleigh Borough Council, e.g. planning applications.

Eastleigh Borough Council will only seek to enter into sponsorship or advertising agreements with businesses or organisations whose values, practices and products are not in conflict with Council policy.

The Council must not be seen to endorse the products or services of its sponsors and advertisers.

Sponsorships will be of limited duration appropriate to the term of the project, as defined in the contract or letter of agreement.

Prohibitive categories

  • Political restrictions
  • Adult industries - including tabacco, alcohol, gambling/betting and 'adult' material & services
  • Specific faiths - multi-cultural organisations could be considered with advice from the Communications Team
  • Organisations involved in current legal disputes with the Council or current planning applications should be avoided.

Style and Content

The Council will take an open approach to styles of advertising. Editorial control, copyright, etc. remain with Eastleigh Borough Council and/or the project partners as appropriate. Forms of titular credit will only be offered for a substantial sponsorship fee.

Advertisers must recognise that the Council cannot permit advertising that is sexual in nature or that appears to promote or give undue attention to illegal or ‘inappropriate’ behaviour or lifestyles.

The use of humour should be approached with caution. Humour can often mock specific groups and cause offence and would be inappropriate in Council publications.

All advertisers should respect the Council’s core values and equality and diversity policies.

If there is any doubt as to the style and content of advertisements or sponsorship this should be referred to the Communications Team.

Eastleigh Borough Council reserves the right to omit or suspend an advertisement at any time. Ads are booked on a first come first served basis where limited space is available. Every care is taken to avoid mistakes, but we or our agents cannot accept liability for any errors due to third parties, subcontractors or inaccurate copy instructions. All cancellations made within 28 days of the copy deadline will be charged in full. The placing of an order (either written or verbal) shall amount to acceptance of these terms. Rates may be subject to change at the Council’s financial year end (31st March). The position of advertisements is determined by the editor unless premium position rates have been agreed and confirmed in writing. Copy deadlines will be confirmed at the time of booking.

In consideration of the Council performing its obligations under the agreed sponsorship/advertising terms, fees are payable to the Council upon receipt of an invoice from the Council. The Council alone shall take decisions as to how its sponsorship and advertising income shall be spent or allocated.