Vapes & E-cigarettes

Vape items cannot be recycled through Hampshire facilities so please do not place in any of your kerbside bins. Check the manufacturers recommendation for disposal and whether the retailer offers a take-back scheme to recycle the item. If not:

Rechargeable of refillable vapes

  • Remove the battery from rechargeable of refillable vapes safely if able to do so and place the batteries in a clear plastic bag and put on top of glass on your glass box 
  • or place the battery in a battery recycling bin
  • Take the remainder of the vape to a small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) outlet or place into your domestic black waste bin

Disposable Vapes 

  • DO NOT take disposable vapes apart, or attempt to remove the batteries from disposable vapes.
  • Take the whole item to a small WEEE recycling location, such as the Household Waste Recycling Centre
    or local shops accepting disposable vapes for recycling - listed below. DO NOT place the item into your domestic waste bins.
    • B & M, Hedge End
    • Prime Vape, Hedge End
    • Anglo Vapour Market Street, Eastleigh
    • Tidal Vape Market Street, Eastleigh

By properly disposing of these devices, together, we can reduce the accumulation of harmful e-waste in landfills and a potential fire hazard. Recycling also ensures that materials like lithium-ion batteries and metal components can be salvaged and reused in the production of new products, conserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption.


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