Dog fouling

Page last updated at 11 October 2017 at 13:29

Dog fouling

Experts estimate that dogs in the UK produce 1,000 tonnes of faeces every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that dog fouling is a major issue in many areas.

  • 95% of the British public are worried by the amount of dog fouling in public places
  • You can contract Toxocariasis from dog mess, which could lead to blindness
  • 94% of councils employ a Dog Warden
  • 54% of dog owners stated that they had neither bought nor used worming tablets on their pets
  • The annual cost of cleaning up dog mess in England is £22 million
  • The law requires people to clear up after their dogs. This applies to all land within the Borough, which is open to air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access
  • Persons who fail to clear up after their dog face either a Fixed Penalty ticket or prosecution through the courts *
  • The penalty for not clearing up dog fouling can be up to £1,000*

* The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996

The Council has provided 300 dog waste bins throughout the Borough. Our target is to empty all bins before they are full or overflowing. If we receive a report regarding a full/overflowing bin, we will empty within one working day.

Damaged bins will be made safe within two working days, and replaced as soon as possible thereafter.

If you see someone not clearing up after their dog and know where the offender lives or you can find this out, contact our Animal Welfare Officer. They will advise the offender of the legislation. Your details are kept confidential.