Twin Towns & Twinning Association

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The Borough of Eastleigh is officially twinned with two European towns, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in France and Kornwestheim in Germany, in an unusual tripartite link.


VilleneuveVilleneuve-Saint-Georges is a town with a population of about 30,000, in the Val de Marne, approximately 13 kilometres south of Paris.  Its close proximity to Paris and its location at the confluence of the Rivers Seine and Yerne has meant that the town's growth has been associated largely with transport - originally shipping and roads, and more recently the railway.  It is now the site of one of the largest and most modern railway marshalling yards in Europe and the majority of its inhabitants earn their living directly or indirectly from the railway.

It was because of its similar social and economic features that the first approaches were made by Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in 1961 for a "twinnage" with Eastleigh.  After several meetings and school exchanges twinning charters were signed in Eastleigh in August 1963 and Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in February 1964.



KornwestheimKornwestheim, situated approximately 10 kilometres north of Stuttgart, also has a population of about 30,000.  For hundreds of years Kornwestheim was considered the "grain silo" of its region and indeed its coat of arms is a sheaf of corn.  Like Eastleigh it has good road and rail connections and with extensive open spaces is a popular residential area.  The town prides itself on its cultural and recreational facilities which provide a variety of leisure, entertainment and sporting opportunities for residents and visitors.

Kornwestheim twinned with Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in 1960 and the tripartite links were formed when the German town and Eastleigh completed a formal treaty of friendship in April and May 1978.


European Flag of Honour

European flagIn 1983, to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of twinning with Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Eastleigh was awarded the European Flag of Honour by the Council of Europe.  The Flag recognises the Borough's efforts in promoting European relationships, and was officially presented to the Council by a representative of the Commission at a special ceremony in the Town Hall Centre on the 18 June 1983.



Sister City

In 1989 a new link was established with a town in the United States.  The City of Temple Terrace, close to Tampa in Florida, and Eastleigh agreed to set up a "SisterCity" relationship.  Ten years earlier a "Bond of Friendship" was set up by the Eastleigh/Temple Terrace Youth Football Exchange and the links between the two towns have grown since then.


Eastleigh Borough Twinning Association

The links between the three European towns have not only been between the Councils.  All sorts of groups, sporting, cultural, schools, as well as individuals have been active in building the relationship.  Eastleigh Borough Twinning Association was set up to promote the twinning links, and help make contact with interested parties.  For more information please contact (Chairman of Twinning) or (Secretary of Twinning).


Friendship Link

Kimry Coat Of ArmsWe have a friendship link with Kimry in Russia.

Kimry (Russian: Ки́мры), formerly Kimra, is a town in the south of Tver Oblast, Russia, located on the Volga River, at its confluence with the Kimrka River, 133 kilometers (83 mi) to the east of Tver.