Tree Services

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Tree Services 


Tree Services
The Tree Services team is part of the Countryside Unit and is responsible for all council trees within the borough, planning applications which involve trees and the making and confirming of Tree Preservation Orders. We also manage the trees along the highways on an agency basis for Hampshire County Council.

We are also responsible for all planning related tree issues, including applications for work to trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders ( TPO s) or Conservation Areas, assessing planning applications with regard to their potential effect on trees and monitoring new TPO s where trees are perceived to be under threat.

Unfortunately we are only able to deal with tree related enquiries, therefore if your enquiry is related to hedges, bushes, shrubbery, grass cutting or is otherwise non-tree related please contact Direct Services on 02380 688 440.

Tree Services Staff
Tree Team Administrators / Technical Support:

Tel: 02380 688422.


Please call the above numbers to contact one of our team who will be able to help you with most tree related questions including information on Tree Preservation Orders etc.

As many of the team are often on site visits we encourage members of the public to leave a message on our answering service if no one is available at the time of your call. We aim to return all calls within one working day. Alternatively, you can now contact us online by filling in a brief form here.

Tree Officers
If your query falls within the areas covered below, please call 02380 688422. where a Tree Officer will be able to assist you:

  • Planning Applications (minor applications mainly)
  • Recommendations
  • Appeals
  • Planning condition compliance in relation to trees
  • Breaches / Enforcement / Prosecution
  • Creation of TPOs in relation to Development (assessment, creation, objection negotiation, confirmation, appeal)

If your query relates to any of the following, please call 02380 688422. where a Tree Officer will be able to assist you:

  • Management of Council and Highway Trees
  • Reactive inspections
  • Operational Management of Tree Risk Management Plan & Proactive tree survey
  • Works ordering
  • Contract management
  • Auditing
  • Liaison
  • Subsidence Claims
  • Tree Planting on C&H land

Tree Services Manager
The Tree Services Team is lead by the Tree Services Manager who deals with the following:

  • Management of the Tree Section
  • Proactive policy and service development (Tree Strategy, Supplementary Planning Guidance, etc.)
  • Tree Works Applications (Recommendations, Appeals, Exemption Assessment, Breaches / Enforcement / Prosecution)
  • Overall Management of Tree Risk Management Plan & Proactive tree survey
  • Creation of Tree Works Contract and Works Ordering system
  • Financial responsibility (Council & Highway trees)
  • Planning Applications (major applications mainly) [Recommendations, appeals]
  • Creation of TPO s in relation to Development (major applications) and Tree Works (assessment, creation, objection negotiation, confirmation, appeal)
  • TPO Review (contract management, audit, etc.)

Please call 02380 688422. if you would like to speak to the Tree Services Manager.

This is a guide for the role and responsibilities of the Tree Team. Where necessary staff members will cover each other's areas.

Tree Wardens
Tree Wardens are volunteers from the local community who have an interest in trees and are able to give some time to the protection of the trees within their area.

This volunteer scheme provides free training and support along with the chance to help improve your area with extra tree planting.

Further information about becoming a Tree Warden and what they do is available from Dick Walters who manages the team.

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