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Public art in Eastleigh Borough

You may be surprised to know there are currently over 60 public artworks located within Eastleigh Borough, ranging from mosaic, to sculpture, metalwork, and murals.

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Case studies

Swan Centre, Eastleigh

An interactive hand-crafted glass, light and sound installation now illuminates the way between Eastleigh Swan Centre and adjoining £25 million leisure development.  The new public artwork was designed by Winchester Artist Alex Hoare, who was commissioned to create a unique and thought provoking experience for those passing through the Swan Centre Link Corridor.

Pirelli, Park 21, Eastleigh

Peter Dunn was appointed to work with the residents and children of the Pirelli development in a community arts project that would provide inspiration for public art. This work was phase one of a two part project to commission a piece of contemporary public art for the Pirelli Green.

Winchester Road Subway, Chandler's Ford

November 5th 2008 was remembered for more than just Guy Fawkes by Thornden School.  The Mayor officially opened Eastleigh Borough’s Urban Aquarium.

Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh

Sustainable energy is the theme for the large mural created for the unit housing the combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Fleming Park Leisure Centre.  “We wanted to celebrate our achievement and let the community know what we are doing and how we are using the latest energy saving and sustainable technologies".


On-line archive



Green Lane, Hamble


Urban Aquarium

Urban aquarium

Winchester Rd, Chandler's Ford.  David Booth, 2008

Factory Road

Walk in my footsteps

Factory Rd, Eastleigh

Jeanie Driver, 2006


Howzat cricket stumps

The Rose Bowl

Richard Farrington, 2003


Bugle Railings

Decorative railings

The Bugle, Hamble

Richard Farrington, 2005

Lapwings In Flight

Lapwings in flight

Hampshire Corporate Business Park, Chandler's Ford, SO53 3RY

James Osborne, 1986

20099300 130034001000 Itchen Valley S

Wooden play animals

Itchen Valley Country Park

Andrew Frost


Whirlwind tables & seats

Leigh Rd, Eastleigh

Christian Funnell, 2000






Green Lane, Hamble

Lawrence Holofcener, 1995

First Mark

First mark

Ensign Point, Hamble

Alan Manning, 2003



Southampton airport, Eastleigh

Alan Manning, 2004

D Day Sculpture

D-day sculpture

Royal Victoria Country Park

Alex Peever, 1994


Avro Roll

Avro roll

Chadwick Way, Hamble

Ray Smith, 2004 

Vertical Burst

Vertical burst

Avro Court, Hamble

Ray Smith, 2004

Go Green

Go green

Fleming Park, Eastleigh

Somnio, 2008



Waitrose, Chandler's Ford

Julian Warren, 2002





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