Southampton Airport Planning Application

Full Council - 8 April

New date for Southampton Airport Planning application - Thursday 8 April 2021

Full Council will be determining Southampton Airport planning application on Thursday 8 April  March. The meeting will start at 2pm and will be held online as a Microsoft Teams Live Event with scheduled breaks built into the agenda.

The agenda and report can be found here 

The deadline for registering and submitting statements was 11.59pm on Monday 5 April.

See further details of the options available to have your say at the meeting. 

Description of the proposal - what is being applied for? 

Construction of a 164-metre runway extension at the northern end of the existing runway, associated blast screen to the north of the proposed runway extension, removal of existing bund and the reconfiguration and extension of existing long stay car parking to the east and west of Mitchell Way to provide additional long stay spaces. (This application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment).

The application has been submitted by Mr S Thurston on behalf of Southampton International Airport Ltd.

How to view the documents 

The plans and the technical reports, which include an Environmental Statement, can be viewed on the Planning Portal.

Due to Government advice on the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic the Council Offices at Eastleigh House are closed to the public. It is not possible to view or purchase paper copies of the information above in person.

Copies of the Environmental Statement Addendum and associated appendices can be obtained by emailing and quoting Southampton Airport, in writing to Savills, 2 Charlotte Place, Southampton SO14 0TB or telephoning 02380 713900 and asking for the Planning Team. A charge of £75 applies for printed copies of the appendices.

How has the Council publicised the planning application?

In accordance with legislation and best practice, the application has been publicised by letter to immediately neighbouring properties and by the display of site notices and a press notice to inform the wider community. Formal consultations on the proposed development have been sent to adjoining parish councils and neighbouring local authorities.

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process of evaluating the likely environmental, social and economic impacts of a proposed project or development prior to decision-making. It aims to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design, find ways and means to reduce adverse impacts, shape projects to suit the local environment and present the predictions and options to decision-makers. An Environmental Statement (ES) is a document that reports the EIA process and its outcomes.

How to find out who has been consulted?

A full list of those notified and consulted on this proposed development can be found on the application via the 'Consultees and Comments' tab. 

When and how will the application be determined?

The application will be thoroughly reviewed and the comments sought from a wide range of the interested parties, including residents, adjoining local authorities and parish councils, and statutory and non-statutory consultees. 

What is the decision making process? 

Council planning officers make a recommendation on the proposed development, and a full report will be presented to the local area committee - in this case, Eastleigh Local Area Committee. Residents and interested parties will be invited to attend and participate in the committee meeting. 

The following section explains the decision making process for when developments have a borough-wide significance and where the Local Area Committee wishes to take a decision contrary to the recommendation of the Head of Housing and Development. (as outlined within the Constitution: Part 4, Appendix A paragraph (f) (ii) - page 4-25 .)

  • After questions, debate is commenced by moving and seconding the recommendation. In the case of the Airport's application this is to permit 
  • The Chair closes the debate and the Committee votes on the recommendation before them 
  • Should the majority of Councillors vote in favour of the recommendation (in the case of the Airport's application the recommendation is to permit) then permission is granted in accordance with the recommendation
  • If the vote is evenly split (for & against) the Chair has the right to cast the deciding vote
  • Should the majority of Councillors vote against the recommendation, or the Chair exercises the casting vote against, the recommendation is not passed. In this case, as per the Constitution, the matter is referred to the Council.  Residents and interested parties would be invited to attend and participate at that meeting too. 
  • Following the Eastleigh Local Area Committee meeting, a meeting of full Council has been arranged in this instance for 8 April. 

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