Purchasing or leasing Council owned land

Applications considered under exceptional circumstances

We seek to protect public open space in the Borough. Open space is provided for the benefit of the public as a whole and disposal to private individuals is not consistent with this principle. These parcels of land are covered by the Policy for Disposal of Public Open Space to Private Individuals and preserved by the provisions contained in the Local Plan.

We recognise that occasionally there may be exceptional circumstances and these applications to purchase public open space will be initially processed on a case by case basis by the Asset Management team. We will always attempt to resolve any exceptional circumstances, via alternative means, prior to considering a sale – a sale is always considered a final option.

If you are interested in purchasing or leasing a parcel of land, please ensure that you:

Proceed with an application and pay the non-refundable £155 fee

If your enquiry is not considered to have exceptional circumstances, your application will not be progressed, and application fee not refunded.

Enquiries which claim the land is untidy and not properly maintained will not be considered for disposal as per section 3.9 of the policy. It is recommended that maintenance issues are reported online.