Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Information about the risk of flooding

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) provides information about the risk of flooding for an area. It shows the risks from different sources including groundwater and surface water flooding. It also assesses the impact of development on the risk of flooding and the effects of climate change.

The SFRA is split into two reports and a series of maps. The main report includes an overview of the issues and sets out the approach to flooding across the South Hampshire sub-region. The Eastleigh SFRA (2023) provides more information on the sources and extent of flooding in the Borough.

Level 1 – Part 1

Level 1 SFRA - Part 1: Main report AECOM 2024

Level 1 – Part 8 

Level 1 SFRA - Part 8: Eastleigh Borough Council, AECOM 2023

Appendix A Figures

Appendix B Tidal Flood Risk Mapping

Maximum Flood Depth Figures



Maximum Flood Hazard Figures