Question 5

What influence will the consultation responses from residents have on choices for the Eastleigh Local Plan?

Producing the Local Plan should be a shared endeavour – led by The Council as the local planning authority but in collaboration with local communities, developers, landowners and other interested parties. Our responsibility to meet the housing needs of the area is set  by the Government’s national planning policy. This means decisions must be balanced against other important considerations, such as protecting the environment or addressing climate change and flooding. 

Written responses we receive during consultation stages of the plan preparation are processed, analysed and reported to The Council Members. The most recent consultation generated over 3000 representations on the issues we invited comments on. The Council will take this evidence into account, and that as far as possible, the Plan will reflect a set of agreed priorities for the sustainable development of the area. Consultation responses and evidence of engagement with neighbourhoods, local organisations and businesses, will assist in the balanced judgment made about the preferred planning strategy for the borough.