Question 21

What is a Masterplan and why has the process started?

Masterplan is the term used to describe the more detailed level of planning for a particular location. This includes information about street layout, and where facilities should be located. Over time these can develop into very detailed design principles and be adopted as a ‘supplementary planning document’ which then enables us to have much greater influence about how a particular site is developed.

The Council has started work on a draft masterplan for the proposed communities north of Bishopstoke and
Fair Oak. This early work is an essential part of the evidence needed to make a decision on whether to include the proposal in the Local Plan.

The draft masterplan has started to map out a potential layout, including village centres and housing densities which take account of all of the protection that will be put in place around the ancient woodland and other environmentally sensitive areas. Without this work it would not be possible to establish the capacity of the site and therefore its impact. Only with this information has it been possible to understand the necessary mitigation measures and the overall viability of the site.

The draft masterplan has been shared with the parish councils in Bishopstoke and Fair Oak and Horton Heath. The Council wants to ensure that residents have the opportunity help shape any new communities that are developed. You will therefore have the opportunity to get involved and have your say on the draft masterplan as it moves forward.