Question 17

Is there a summary of the Local Plan?

  • The Local Plan sets out the policies and plans to guide future development to 2036, showing what sort of places and facilities we need for our communities in the future.
  • It helps guide the right amount of development (that hasn’t already been given planning permission) to meet our needs over the next two decades.
  • It identifies how much development is needed; the best places for this development; the infrastructure and services needed to support new and existing communities and the areas which will be protected from development.

The Local Plan provides information about the Borough and the main issues the Plan addresses (Chapter 2). It gives a vision for the Borough (Chapter 3);

‘To ensure development in Eastleigh Borough and its communities delivers a strong and sustainable economy with an adequate supply of housing and infrastructure that supports improved standards of living for residents while protecting the distinct identity of towns and villages and preventing urban sprawl; promoting thriving and healthy communities; and maintaining an attractive and sustainable environment that residents value.’

There are 13 objectives in the Plan. These cover:

  • tackling congestion;
  • developing green infrastructure (providing green links to safeguard wildlife and natural resources);
  • encouraging a sustainable community through effective low carbon and water- efficient planning and design;
  • maintaining the identity of towns and villages;
  • excellent environment for all;
  • minimising waste and managing resources;
  • protecting and enhancing biodiversity;
  • enabling healthier lifestyles and wellbeing;
  • tackling deprivation;
  • increasing provision and a more diverse mix of housing;
  • ensuring appropriate infrastructure including employment land;
  • enabling the right skills and employment mix;
  • Reinvigorating town and local centres.

The Local Plan has policies to provide:

We need to provide for the development of new homes (including affordable ones and homes for older people) to help meet the Borough’s housing needs, a total of 14,580 dwellings are required to meet Eastleigh’s needs. Taking into account sites that already have planning permission additional sites need to be found for a further 4,020 dwellings. On sites of more than 11 dwellings, a minimum of 35% of these will be affordable homes.

Employment space
Up to 2036 there is a need for around 144,000sq.m of additional employment floor space to accommodate future economic growth. This will be on sites including Eastleigh Riverside (former railway works) north of the airport and adjoining areas, including land at Tower Lane and Barton Park to the north and also land north east of the airport.
Regenerating town and local centres
By providing high-density, high quality development, including retail, leisure, residential, healthcare and offices.

Green Borough
The countryside has important landscapes, habitat and species which require protection. The Borough’s countryside also has an important role in separating settlements and ensuring that they retain their individual identity distinct from each other and from Southampton.

Managing the countryside
And providing a better network of footpaths, cycleways, bridleways, woodlands and river corridors.

The Local Plan has a section which provides detailed guidance on the sites we have identified across the Borough for future development and how we would like to see them developed (Chapter 6). We would encourage you to look at those sites in your area to see how they may affect you in the future. The policies in this Chapter are based on the five area committee boundaries of: Bishopstoke, Fair Oak & Horton Heath; Bursledon, Hamble-le-Rice & Hound; Chandler’s Ford & Hiltingbury; Eastleigh; and Hedge End, West End & Botley.