Question 12

Why isn’t the missing junction 6 of the M27 being built to help relieve traffic congestion?

Responsibility for changes and improvements to the national motorway network lies with Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency). It is only they who can sanction new junctions, junction improvements or other changes to the way in which the motorways operate. The question about junction 6 is often asked and it is a question the Council and others have put to Highways England (HE) on numerous occasions. Highway’s England’s view has consistently been that it has no plans to pursue a J6 as it does not believe one can be delivered within the requirements of the national Design Manual for Roads & Bridges. Highways England considers that any J6 would potentially undermine the purpose of a strategic road network route as it would encourage more ‘junction hopping’ which is already a known issue in this area. It would need to be demonstrated how a potential J6 could be funded and delivered before being included as critical mitigation for growth proposals.

In view of the above there is no funding currently identified in any Government programme, nor are there any other third party proposals being put forward which would deliver junction 6. This situation looks unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.