Submission documents (SUB)

SUB001 Eastleigh Borough Local Plan (2016-2036) (June 2018)

SUB002a Policies Map North (June 2018) (large document) (lower resolution pdf version)

SUB002b Policies Map South (June 2018) (large document) (lower resolution pdf version)

SUB003a Sustainability Appraisal - non-technical summary (June 2018)

SUB003b Sustainability Appraisal - main report (June 2018)

SUB003c Sustainability Appraisal - appendices (June 2018)

SUB004 Habitats Regulations Assessment update (October 2018)

SUB005 Habitats Regulations Assessment (June 2018)

SUB006 Revised Consultation Statement (October 2018)

SUB007 Legal compliance self-assessment checklist (October 2018)

SUB008 Soundness self-assessment checklist (October 2018)

SUB09a Council report and appendices 1-4  (October 2018)

SUB09b Council report Appendix 5 (October 2018)

SUB010 Equalities Impact Assessment (June 2018)

SUB011 Delegated powers report (June 2018)

SUB012 Cabinet report (11 December 2017)

SUB013 All representations on the Proposed Submission Local Plan

SUB014 Statement of Community Involvement (November 2015)

SUB015 Record of Delegated Decision (October 2018)

SUB016 Sustainability Appraisal addendum (Update doc 3) (June 2019)

SUB017a Habitat Regulations Assessment Update (Update doc 4a) (June 2019)

SUB017b Habitat Regulations Assessment Update – Appendices (Update doc 4b) (June 2019)

SUB017c Habitat Regulations Assessment Update – New Forest Interim Mitigation (Update doc 4c) (June 2019)

SUB018 Southampton City Council update to Regulation 20 representation (Update doc 6) (November 2018)

SUB019a Highways England comments on Local Plan Transport Assessment Review (Update doc 7a) (October 2018)

SUB019b EBC response to Highways England comments (Update doc 7b) (February 2019)

SUB019c Supplement to Transport Assessment documents (Update doc 7c) (February 2019)

SUB019d Transport Assessment Part 1 with minor amendments (Update doc 7d) (February 2019)

SUB019e Transport Assessment Part 2 incl. appendices with minor amendments (Update doc 7e) (February 2019)