Brownfield land register

Information on the latest published brownfield land register

The Government is keen to identify brownfield land suitable for housing development. Local authorities are therefore required to publish and maintain a brownfield land register with information on the location and nature of these sites. The Council welcomes the development of such sites for the purpose of delivering new homes.

The brownfield land register identifies previously developed land in the borough that meets the Government’s criteria for inclusion in Part 1 of the register. The definition of brownfield land, also known as previously developed land, is in the National Planning Policy Framework Annex 2

Site must be capable of delivering 5 or more extra dwellings or at least 0.25 hectares in size and meet the following criteria:

  • Suitable – with either planning permission for housing or housing led development or an allocation in the Local Plan or be considered appropriate by the Council (for example, draft allocations in the emerging Local Plan) for such development;
  • Available – with no ownership issues or legal constraints on the land to prevent development; and
  • Achievable - likely to be developed within 15 years of being entered on the register

Eastleigh Borough’s brownfield land register and site maps are available below: