Cycling and walking

Information on cycling and walking in our Borough

Read our Walking & Cycling Strategy 2023-2030

Walking in Eastleigh

Walking is the most affordable, flexible and socially inclusive mode of independent travel available to Borough residents and as a result it is vital that we encourage walking as much as possible, through taking measures to provide safe, secure, convenient walking routes. 

Our policy acknowledges there are a number of barriers to overcome in order to encourage more people to walk and emphasises the range of benefits walking can bring. 

The aims of our policy are to:

  • Encourage more people to walk to access services and facilities as opposed to using the car
  • Improve the integration of walking with other sustainable transport modes to ensure realistic alternatives to the car are available
  • Promote walking as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Assist in reducing our Borough's Carbon Footprint

Local walking schemes 

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Walk and Talks are led by our own Country Parks Officers and there are guided walks at Lakeside and Itchen Valley Country Parks as well as at specific routes in the south of the Borough. Learn more (select the Wellbeing Activities tab)

Health Walks

The long standing Health Walks programme is managed by the Council's HealthWorks team. Walks are led by our trained volunteer Health Walks Leaders and occur weekly across the Borough. View the programme

Hamble Valley Heritage Walks

Guided walks across the Hamble Valley and Eastleigh with a donation of £4.50 per adult requested. The trained guides bring the local area to life with stories and insights from history and today.  

Ramblers walks and walking groups

Ramblers have a number of local walks and walking groups to join and explore:


We are committed to creating a comprehensive network of cycle routes across the Borough.  Already a substantial part of this network has been built, particularly in Eastleigh itself, and in Hedge End.  In total there are about 71km of designated cycle routes within the Borough and over 40 locations with cycle parking facilities.

Borough-wide Cycle Map

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