Running an event on council property/land

Until further notice we will not be accepting any applications requesting the use of Council land for an event. This is based on current COVID-19 legislation and government guidance. The Eastleigh Borough Council policy will be amended as and when the restrictions are changed or lifted.

If you’re planning a public event, there’s quite a lot to think about to ensure that your event is a safe one and that people can enjoy it, without causing nuisance or disruption to others. It’s important that you comply with all the legal requirements for your event otherwise it may not be able to go ahead.

We want to be as helpful as possible to anyone thinking of running an event.  In the last year we have helped many groups to plan and organise safe and successful events, from street parties and carnivals to fun runs, parades and concerts.

Your event application covers all you need to think about including:

  • closing roads or stopping traffic
  • licences to sell alcohol, play music or run a draw
  • making sure you have adequate insurance
  • getting rid of your rubbish after the event

You will need to submit your application six months before the event as plenty of notice is needed for any road closures and licence applications.

Once we receive your application we can give you help and advice on planning your event and getting the permissions and licences that you need.