Community Trigger

Finding a resolution to anti-social behaviour

A Community Trigger provides victims and communities with the right to request a review of their case, bringing agencies together to take a joined up, problem-solving approach. The aim of the Community Trigger is to try to find a resolution.

Who can use the Community Trigger?

  • A victim of anti-social behaviour
  • Another person acting on behalf of the victim
  • An individual acting on behalf of a group of residents or community group

How to activate the Community Trigger?
In the first instance the victim or representative should contact Hampshire Police on non-emergency number 101.

What is the Community Trigger threshold?

  • An Individual - Three complaints within a six-month period. The complainant will be reporting behaviour that is causing harassment, alarm or distress to them or someone within their household and they think no action has been taken or are not satisfied with the action already taken.
  • A Group - Five individuals within a local community have separately reported similar incidents of anti-social behaviour to a member of the Community Safety Partnership. They must all think that no action has been taken or are not satisfied with the action already taken. Please note: The individual acting on behalf of the group must have the consent from all of the other individuals to initiate the Community Trigger.

To meet the criteria in all cases, incidents need to have:

  • Caused harassment, alarm or distress
  • Been logged within one month of the incident
  • The last reported incident occurred within the previous six months

What will happen?
The information will be forwarded to the relevant local authority. If the Community Trigger threshold is met agencies will share information, review what action has already been taken and decide if additional actions are appropriate or possible.

The Community Trigger is to request a review of an anti-social behaviour case. New incidents of anti-social behaviour should be reported by calling Hampshire Constabulary non emergency number 101.