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Community Grants in Eastleigh

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Community Grants       

The priorities are:

  • To promote health, prosperity and the environment
  • To support community development and community involvement

Priority will be given to organisations which provide services or promote self-help.
Voluntary and community groups will need to have a constitution (set of rules), a bank account in the organisation's name and a set of accounts. For help with setting up a new organisation contact One Community on 023 8090 2400.

Important Note
Organisations should ensure that they have adequate insurance and that they carry out appropriate checks on staff and volunteers if they work with vulnerable groups. Please refer to our screening guidelines for volunteers and employees.

If you wish to contact us for more information you can contact us via

To apply for any of the grants listed below print out an application form and/or guidance notes. Alternatively contact us to request a paper copy.


Equality Act 2010

In order to ensure the Council is complying with the Equality Act 2010, we are now seeking monitoring information from organisations who apply for our grants. Please could you complete a monitoring information form ( word )  and send it with your application.
Please note: The information gathered will not be part of the application process.
The information will be used to develop a profile of the organisations which apply for grant funding.  You do not need to supply this information but we will be grateful if you do.

The Council grant available for community and voluntary groups is:

Annual Community Grants offer sums of up to £1000 for borough-wide groups and £500 for local groups.  Grants are awarded annually.  Applications are sought during September and October each year for the following financial year.

Grant applications for 2017/18 are welcomed from Borough-wide groups, and those serving Chandler's Ford & Hiltingbury, Hedge End, West End & Botley and Bursledon, Hamble-le-Rice & Hound.  Due to funding constraints Eastleigh and Bishopstoke, Fair Oak & Horton Heath Local Area Committees will not be able to provide grant funding.

There are seperate application forms for each area as below.  Please ensure you use the correct form.

Closing date for applications: Friday 10 November 2017


Policy for Ceasing Funding To Voluntary and Community Organisations

The Council aims to ensure that it is fair and consistent in its dealings with the voluntary and community sector.  This policy sets out the principles the Council will follow in ceasing funding to voluntary and community organisations.  This policy will relate to future grants, contracts or agreements. 

Grant Funding, Contracts and Service Agreements

All Council funding whether it is a grant, contract or service agreement should state the period it relates to. The Council is not able to make a commitment to future funding beyond that period.

Terminating Funding at the end of the Contract or Agreement

In order to help organisations to plan ahead the Council will ensure that they have six months notice that an agreement or contract will not be renewed. This does not apply to one-off grants where organisations will be expected to apply each year.

Organisations should notify the Council if they wish to appeal within 14 days of being informed that the funding will cease. The appeal will be referred to a local Area Committee Chair or Cabinet member not involved in the original decision.  If desired, the organisation can request an opinion from an independent organisation appointed by Council of this purpose, This opinion will be made available to the organisation and Local Area Committee Chair or Cabinet before the appeal. The outcome of the appeal will be put in writing to the organisation within 14 days of the decision.  If the appeal is unsuccessful the organisations will be given at least four months notice that the funding will cease.

Terminating Funding During the Grant, Contract or Agreement Period

The Council may terminate funding that had previously been agreed in certain circumstances. In a situation where the funding is no longer available or the criteria for funding has been changed, the Council will give 6 months notice. 

In addition the Council may terminate funding because of the actions of the organisation. This would include circumstances where:

  • the funding is not being used in the way set out in the grant, contract or agreement;
  • the organisation makes public allegations against the authority, which on investigation are proved to be untrue and unfounded and the organisation continues to pursue the allegations;
  • the organisation is operating illegally and risking the Council’s reputation and liability;
  • the organisation is acting in a way that that contravenes the policies of the Council.

In these circumstances the Council will write to the organisation outlining the areas of concern and requesting that the organisation responds within 14 working days.

If the Council is not satisfied with the response then notice will be given that the funding will cease.  The funding may be terminated immediately or in exceptional circumstances there would be a short notice period. The decision would be made by senior council officers in consultation with senior Councillors. 

The organisation should notify the Council if they wish to appeal within 14 days of being informed that funding will cease.  The appeal will be referred to the Cabinet.

If desired, the organisation can request an opinion from an independent organisation appointed by Council of this purpose. This opinion will be made available to the organisation and Cabinet before the appeal. The Cabinet’s decision will be final and the organisation will be informed of the decision within 14 days.

If you require more information you can contact us at


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