Eastleigh Cemetery

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Eastleigh CemeteryEastleigh

Brookwood Avenue
SO50 9EN

Eastleigh cemetery is the largest cemetery in the Borough. Situated in Brookwood Avenue near the centre of the town, it was opened in 1898 with the first burial taking place in the August of 1901.

The total area of the cemetery is 3.6 hectares containing sections for Church of England, non-conformist and Roman Catholic interments. The site also has allocated areas for interments of cremated remains.


  • Rose beds
  • Annual bedding
  • Shrub beds
  • Mature trees
  • Mature hedges
  • Garden of Remembrance with water feature
  • Toilets
  • Water points
  • Litter bins
  • War graves
  • Muslim burial section

Download the Eastleigh Guide to Arranging a Funeral Here ( PDF 52kb) which includes information on the following:

Registration Service for Births, Marriages and Deaths
Rights & Options
A simple funeral
Choosing a Funeral Director
List of Local Funeral Directors
Bereavement Advice Lines
Complaints Procedure


Cemetery Guidelines

  • Please be advised that vehicles entering the cemeteries are not covered under the Council's Insurance
  • Please place litter and unwanted tributes in the bins provided
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and ensure fouling is removed
  • Some of the memorials are old and in need of repair.  Please ensure children respect them by not walking or climbing on memorials
  • Respect other visitors to the Cemetery and keep noise to a minimum


Eastleigh Cemetery Extension

Buffer habitat management

An area of approximately 1356m3 will be retained on site for maintenance as a reptile habitat over the long term and will be managed as part of a functioning cemetery.
The vegetation will be graded from short mown grass for the use as cemetery, to long grass, wildflowers and brambles. Grass will be cut to a height of 35cm, while brambles will be cut back to prevent their encroachment into the cemetery.

Extension Work

  • Gravel pathways will be constructed to allow pedestrian access to the burial plots. The 5m wide reptile buffer habitat will be retained around the perimeter of the cemetery extension.
  • Spring/Summer 2009 - 2010 continue to monitor reptile numbers.
  • Burials can take place from 2011

Longer term habitat enhancement

It is intended over the long term to create a length of appropriate habitat suitable for reptiles along the perimeter between the existing cemetery and allotment site. This would serve to link the existing population of reptiles on the site of the cemetery extension to the railway embankment to the north, creating a wildlife corridor to other suitable areas of habitat.

This plan has been produced to inform site contractors, the Countryside Unit of Eastleigh Borough Council and colleagues in other departments, English Nature, Hampshire County Council, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and local residents of the timing, duration and description of the planned works required in order to complete the cemetery extension. This will ensure that works are completed to the satisfaction of all those with an interest in the site, in such a way as to prevent harm to the reptiles.

Garden of Remembrance Garden Of Rememberance Eastleigh

The Garden of Remembrance columbarium contains individual niches, each of which has a front section which is a memorial plaque with a flower receptacle. Behind the plaque is where the cremated remains are placed, and there is enough room for two standard size urns or caskets.

Fresh or silk flowers may be placed in the holders provided on each individual niche. Any other items or tributes are not permitted within the area.

Each niche is properly secured and the granite plaque will be engraved with your own personalised inscription/motif if required. Niches may be leased for 30 year periods.

Selection and purchase of a columbarium niche
The selection of a niche is a very personal and intimate process and can only be done effectively by personally visiting the cemetery. Although we can make the selection on behalf of families this is not recommended as we find that this is best done by the family to avoid disappointment. Some people will prefer a lower niche while others will prefer a high one at the end of a unit.

Designing a plaque
Once a niche has been selected and purchased the plaque can be engraved. Our trained staff are available to help and advise the bereaved in the design of the plaque to ensure that it is produced to your satisfaction. The cost of engraving 80 letters on the plaque is included in the cost of leasing the columbarium.

Renewal of lease

As with all dedications within the Cemetery, the lease is renewable, and it is important therefore to ensure that you notify us if you change address as we will be writing to you offering this option at the end of  your lease period.