Help and advice for residents and businesses

Surface water flooding can happen for a number of reasons, such as heavy rainfall, blocked drains or overflowing rivers or streams. Two types of flooding occur in our area - major rivers overflowing (fluvial flooding) and flash flooding.

We work closely with the Environment Agency, Hampshire County Council and local communities to provide a coordinated response to incidents of flooding.

What should I do if I experience a flooding issue?

If you experience a flooding emergency you should focus on the safety of yourself and your family.

Dial 999 if it is an emergency and you or someone else is in danger

Hampshire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for the County. (emergency phone number: 0800 807 060)

To report a flood including surface water flooding on the highway can also be reported direct to Hampshire County Council 

Rivers - If you believe the flooding is from a main river contact the The Environment Agency (floodline: 0345 988 1188)  

Burst Or Leaking Water Main Of Foul Water Sewer – contact your water provider

For more information on the flooding of major rivers where you live, to find out if your house is at risk and information on how to obtain flood warnings you should contact the Environment Agency 

Be prepared  

It is also important that property-owners and businesses take action if you live in places that are at risk of flooding. Being prepared will make things so much easier if your home is ever flooded.

Flooding advice from Hampshire County Council

  • Is your home in or near a flood risk area
  • Flood protection and alleviation
  • Flooding
  • Sandbags
  • Insurance before
  • Preparation advice
  • In the event of flooding
  • After a flooding incident
  • Insurance after
  • If flood water has damaged your property
  • General advice
  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Gardens and play areas
  • Garden vegetable produce

Reducing flood risk   

Putting together a Flood Kit ‘Grab bag’ is a key way of minimising the risks d surviving the worst, if you choose to stay in your home or are evacuated to a rest centre

Sign up to flood alerts 

Report a flood cause  

Is your home in or near a flood risk area?

Visit the Environment Agency, type your postcode or place name into the box, press the 'SEARCH' button and you will see a map centred on your postcode, with 'standard' flood risk areas in blue and 'extreme' flood risk areas in green. 'Zoom in' on the map for greater detail. 

General enquiry line: 03708 506 506
Emergency hotline: 0800 807 060
Floodline: 0345 988 1188


Eastleigh Borough Council has a very limited supply of sandbags for use in emergencies and will try to help as many properties as it can where threatened by flooding.  Contact the Council on 023 8068 8000

If using sandbags put a large sheet of heavy-duty plastic between them and the wall of your house. This makes a better defence than sandbags alone.

If your house is under threat and you have no sandbags, you can improvise by using the following:

  • Grow bags are the right shape and light enough to be carried around easily
  • Bin liners or plastic carrier bags filled with soil dug from your garden
  • Soil wrapped up in a bath towel
  • You can buy sandbags from your local Builders Merchant or DIY Store