Road sweeping, leaf clearance, grass, hedges and shrubs

We work to keep all Council-owned land clean and tidy

Road sweeping and leaf clearance
We mechanically sweep all our adopted roads on a scheduled basis; manually clearing those that our mechanical sweeper can’t access. We carry out leaf clearance work in autumn and winter. Two large mechanical sweepers clear leaves from the road surfaces and Council owned car parks, with our two smaller compact sweepers concentrating on cycle-ways, footpaths and other areas that the larger sweepers can’t get to.

Grass cutting
Our StreetScene team cut grass on all County Council highway verges, Borough owned open spaces and recreation grounds during the spring and summer (from March to the end of October).

The grass cuttings are not collected at this stage, they are left on the surface for a follow up team who blow the grass off pavements and paths back on to the grassed areas within two working days. We do collect grass cuttings from within and around children's play areas and equipment.

Depending on the weather we aim to cut grass to the following frequencies:

  • Highway verges and public open spaces - Approximately every 12 working days
  • Recreation Grounds - Approximately every 12 working days
  • Semi-Rural areas - Two cuts a year (June or July and September or October)
  • Leigh Road Recreation Ground - Weekly
  • Sponsored roundabouts - Weekly

Hedge cutting
Alongside Hampshire County Council we are responsible for maintaining non-privately owned hedges on an annual basis so that they retain their shape and size. The majority of this work is carried out during the autumn and winter. We don’t undertake work during the birds nesting season, unless there are public safety concerns. 

Shrub beds
We run a scheduled programme of shrub maintenance which includes pruning & mulching, the removal of weeds and litter clearance as required.