Environmental enforcement

Taking action against environmental crimes including littering and dog fouling

Environmental problems such as litter, dumped rubbish, graffiti, dog fouling and dog control affect us all and can seriously impact upon a neighbourhood. 

We are committed to maintaining the local environment to a high standard by keeping streets and green spaces clean and litter free, collecting refuse, removing graffiti and dealing with abandoned vehicles.

Our Environment Enforcement Policy (2021) sets out definitions of environmental crime, enforcement principles and considerations around investigation, intervention and enforcement.

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (CNEA) 2005 introduced powers to enable councils to effectively tackle environmental crime and other Local Environmental Quality (LEQ) issues. The CNEA also places an emphasis on the role of proper enforcement as an important council tool when dealing with environmental quality problems and crime.

We will take enforcement action such as issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or prosecuting if appropriate. 

Environmental Enforcement

We have adopted powers to combat environmental crimes including littering and dog fouling. Details of the new legislative powers have been promoted through schools, community groups and businesses within the Borough.

From the 1 September 2009 officers authorised by us were able to issue FPNs for these offences. The majority of FPNs have been set at £75, however there are higher penalties for some offences. There is a reduction of £25 if payment of the fine is made within the first seven days.

Non payment of the FPN will see the offender considered for prosecution, not for non-payment of the fine but for the original offence which carries on conviction a much greater fine.

Paying the FPN avoids possible prosecution and a court appearance.

  • Table showing the offences that all the authorised officers can issue FPNs for, the relevant legislation, the Fixed Penalty and the maximum penalty for the original offence if the fixed penalty is not paid.

Paying the FPN

When issued with a FPN the recipient will receive from the issuing officer a white copy stating the offence details and on the reverse the details of how to pay. The issuing officer cannot accept payment.

Methods of payment

In Person
By cash or credit or debit card at:

Eastleigh Borough Council
Eastleigh House
Upper Market Street
SO50 9YN

By Telephone
Debit and credit cards only on: 023 8068 8340

Appeals Procedure
There is no legal appeals procedure against a FPN once it has been issued, but we have put in place a facility whereby any legitimate complaint against an issued FPN will be considered.

Please direct any such complaint in writing to:

Enforcement Officer, Direct Services, Hedge End Depot, Botley Road, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 2RA

Or via email: customerservicecentre@eastleigh.gov.uk