Compliments, complaints and comments

How to give us feedback on our services

We are always keen to receive feedback from our customers, and view this as a key way of helping to improve our services. You can compliment a member of our staff who has gone the extra mile or make a comment/suggestion on how we could improve a service we provide.


We are committed to continuously reviewing the services we deliver and would welcome feedback and suggestions on areas you consider are meeting high standards or may warrant further improvement.


We are committed to dealing with all complaints fairly and impartially and welcome complaints as an opportunity to learn and to improve our services. Please note if you want to report a missed bin or other issues such as fly tipping or graffiti, these can be done directly using the links below. For a general complaint, please use the 'make a complaint' button below. 

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about an action or lack of action, or about the standard of a service. It is not a request for initial action or information, for example, to report a missed bin collection (although if the bin fails to be collected after you have reported it, this could lead to a complaint from you).

Before you make a complaint

You can report issues quickly and easily by reporting them to us online.  These include:

Hampshire County Council are responsible for potholes, street lighting, pavements, road problems, drains / flooding.

If you need to report a crime or anti-social behaviour, please contact Hampshire Constabulary


Our complaints procedure is designed to be as comprehensive as possible, but it is recognised that certain types of complaint are not intended to be dealt with by this method and are more appropriately dealt with through other channels.

Our complaints procedure is not an appropriate means of pursuing –

  • dissatisfaction with politically-determined policy (as opposed to the way in which the policy has been implemented by our Officers) such as charges applied to services provided, our non-collection of bin policy and our waste & recycling policy; council policy for trees – please contact your local Councillor to raise your concerns
  • the conduct of Borough, Parish, or Town Councillors - please see the Members Code of Conduct
  • matters which are subject to litigation and/or have already been before a court/tribunal
  • matters for which statutory appeal bodies or tribunals have been established
  • matters where the customer is making a claim against, or seeking compensation from, the Council.

If you still feel you need to make a complaint, our complaints procedure will guide you through the process.