Bins for new developments

Bins for new properties must be purchased by the property developers

Property developers are required to meet the cost of providing bins for new developments. Further information on the storage and collection of waste and recycling can be found in our Supplementary Planning Document 

Prices from 1st January 2023 are:
Green 240 litre wheeled bins - £50.00 + VAT*
Black 180 litre wheeled bins - £50.00 + VAT*
Euro bins - £395.00 + VAT*
Food Waste Caddy & Bin Set – no charge
Glass Collection Box – no charge

*a delivery charge also applies (£32.00 + VAT per up to 8 wheeled bins or 3 euro bins). A single new property is therefore £50+£50+£32 = £132 + VAT

To arrange delivery of bins for new properties or to discuss requirements for shared bin stores at a communal property, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 023 8068 8440.

Only bins for a single new property can be ordered and purchased online.