Food export certificates

Information on applying for a food export certificate

With the UK’s exit from the EU, the process of exporting food from the UK has changed. The process varies depending on whether you are exporting foods of animal origin (FOAO), food not of animal original i.e. plant material (FNAO) or composite foods (foods that contain FOAO and FNAO) as well as where the food is going to be exported to.

Goods may need to be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate (EHC) or a Certificate of Free Sale issued by either the Animal and Plant Health Agency or Rural Payments Agency. Guidance on exportation, links on how to check whether a certificate is needed and how obtain them can be found on the government's website. This covers exports to the EU, non-EU countries as well as Northern Ireland.

The list of products and countries that requires an EHC or a Certificate of Free Sale is updated regularly meaning it is essential that you check whether a certificate is needed before each batch is exported.  Attempting to export food without the correct accompanying paperwork can cause costly delays at ports.

In addition to the above, some countries require goods to be accompanied by a Food Export Certificate or similar, issued by the Local Authority where the goods have been held or dispatched from. Eastleigh Borough Council can issue these certificates however it is essential that you have checked, using the above link, whether an EHC or Certificate of Free Sale is needed in addition to or instead of a Food Export Certificate.

We will not supply a certificate unless you have registered your food business with us and reserve the right to decline to issue a certificate if we are not satisfied with the hygiene standards and practices conducted on your premises.

Please email us at to receive the relevant forms and information, including the current fee, for a food export certificate.