Recycling and Waste FAQs

Page last updated at 10 August 2015 at 15:45

Recycling and Waste Frequently Asked Questions

My bin has not been emptied – what do I do?

Eastleigh Borough Council work really hard to ensure that your bins are collected.  If there is an operational issue with the collection the crew will return as soon as is possible to try again. 

If you have individual bins at your property please check your bin to see if you have a hanger left on your bin telling you why it has not collected.  If you do not have a hanger or would like to contact us please call us on 023 8068 8440 after 1.30pm on your day of collection. 

If you are a property with communal bins please report any non-collected bins via our online form.


How many bins am I entitled too?

Wheeled bins are allocated on the number of residents permanently living in a property.

One to two permanent residents - entitled to 1 set of 1 x 140 litre black bin and 1 x 140 litre green bin

Three to five permanent residents - entitled to 1 set of 1 x 180 litre black bin and 1 x 240 litre green bin

For further information visit our Additional Bins information page.


I am a new resident – what services are there in Eastleigh Borough?

You will find information on all our services online.  If you require delivery of bins, please contact our customer service team to discuss.  We also provide a recycling and waste collection calendar annually, download one here. 

I live in a communal property – what help can you offer to recycle?
We provide reusable recycling bags for residents living in communal properties to make recycling easy for you.  If you live in a communal property and would like to request a reusable recycling bag, please email .


When’s my next collection date?
Enter your postcode in property search to find out the dates of your future collections. You can refer to your annual recycling and waste calendar for your collections dates for the year.

You can now print your annual recycling and waste collection calendar online, by typing your postcode in to the property search and clicking on the link to your calendar.

My bin has gone missing – what do I do?

My bin is broken – what do I do? 

I have difficulty moving my bin – is there any help I can have?

What do I do with large items of furniture?

For questions regarding the Garden Waste Collections please see the garden waste collection service page.

I work from home – what do I do with my business waste?
All business waste needs to be disposed of separately to household waste.  Business’s have a duty of care to dispose of their waste, ensuring that it is disposed of properly.  Eastleigh Borough Council can offer you a business waste and/or recycling collection, see Your Business Waste and Recycling Collection Service page . 

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