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Your Brown Food Waste Bin

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Your Brown Food Waste Bin

 Food Waste Bins M

Your food waste bin is collected every week with either your green recycling bin or black household waste bin.

You can use your small kitchen caddy to collect your food waste each day and then transfer it in to the larger food waste bin to be collected.

Please remember to line your kitchen caddy with newspaper or a compostable liner, as all food waste must be wrapped.

*Due to health and safety requirements, we can't collect food waste that is loose in the bin*


What can you put in your food waste bin?
In your food waste bin you can put all your raw and cooked food waste such as leftovers including:

 Meat Bones Tea Coffee Grounds  Fruit Vegetables 
 Bread Pastries  Fish  Dairy

You can also recycle your shredded paper and cut flowers in your food waste bin - just remember to wrap in newspaper or a compostable liner. 

You cannot recycle the following items in your food waste bin:

Crossx25 Packaging
Crossx25 Plastic bagsCompostable
Crossx25 Glass
Crossx25 Cat litter/animal faeces

Lining your food waste bin
Liners must be fully compostable and display the seedlings logo or state on the bag that they are 100% compostable with the reference EN13432.  Alternatively you can use a sheet or two of newspaper to wrap your food waste.

Liners can be bought from local shops or online but please make sure they are 100% compostable (with reference EN13432 or with the seedling logo) and should be designed to fit 7 litre caddies.


Your Collection Day

Your brown food waste bin must be presented beside your black or green bin on the edge of your property/pavement by 6.30am on the day of collection and be visible for the collection crews. Your collection time may vary on the day of collection.

Please refer to your annual collection calendar for all of your recycling and waste collection dates, or simply type in your postcode in the property search on the right of this page to find your collection day.

You can now print your annual recycling and waste collection calendar online, by typing your postcode in to the property search and clicking on the link to your calendar.


My bin has not been emptied – what do I do?

We work really hard to ensure that your bins are collected. If there is an operational issue with the collection the crew will return as soon as is possible to try again.

If you have individual bins at your property please check your bin to see if you have a hanger left on your bin telling you why it has not collected. If you do not have a hanger or would like to contact us please call us on 023 8068 8440 after 1.30pm on your day of collection.

If you are a property with communal bins please report any non-collected bins using this form


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If you have any further questions about this service please contact the Recycling Team