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These pages give an overview of the services that the pollution team offers to the public, businesses and local community. They also contain useful information about the quality of the local environment.  

Air - Including air pollution, air quality and monitoring data

Bonfire Smoke - Nuisance caused by bonfire smoke

Environmental Enquiries - Request environmental information held by the Service

Environmental Permitting - Operation of installations or mobile plants carrying out listed activities, waste operations and mining waste operations

Fireworks - Advice on appropriate use and noise controls

Hazardous Substances - Information asbestos, electromagnetic radiation  and radon

Intruder Alarms - Noise disturbance and alarm registration

Land - Including contaminated land and Environmental Damage Regulations

Light pollution - Information on nuisance from artifical light

Noise - Information on noise pollution including aircraft noise pollution and noise nuisance

Nuisance Problems - Other nuisance issues

Planning Advice - Information to help developers and others carrying out development

Water - Including recreational water quality, rivers and streams, private water supplies, beach pollution and oil spills, and the licensing of boats and boatmen