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Animal Boarding premises for Dogs

Licenced Animal boarding establishments for dogs within Eastleigh Borough
Boat Licensing Guidelines
Application form for a Boat Licence
Application form for a Boatman's Licence 
To obtain a licence contact:-

Neil Scott on 023 8068 8329
Email -

For further information please visit the Harbour Master website


Business Licence online enquiries

Caravan Sites

Please read our page on Caravan Sites for more information



Car Breakers & Scrapyards

Motor Salvage

If you dismantle road vehicles within our District and sell on parts for reuse then you need to be registered for approval with us. An application form together with additional guidance is included on this web page (see documents below). Alternatively, please contact us and we will send you an application form in the post. Any application must be accompanied with a cheque for £133.00 made payable to Eastleigh Borough Council. Remember operating without registration is a prosecutable offence.


Scrap Metal

If you deal in scrap metal you will need to apply for a scrap metal dealers license. This applies even if you already have a motor salvage approval. An application form is included on this web page, currently there is no charge for this licence.


Motor Salvage Operators


The Motor Salvage Operators Regulations require all motor salvage operators to:

be registered (with the local authority)
maintain appropriate records of purchase and disposals
require identification checks for vendors and purchasers
allow the police right of entry to premises and the right of search without warrant

The regulations became law on 21 October 2002 and brought into force Part 1 Sections 1-16 of the Vehicles (Crime) Act 2001


The Motor Salvage Operators Regulations 2002 set out:


the particulars of each motor salvage operator that must be recorded in the register
the requirements for registration or renewal of registration
the requirement for records to be kept by registered motor salvage operators

Part 1 Sections 1-16 of the Vehicles (Crime) Act 2001 covers:


The requirement of registration for motor salvage operators
Registers of motor salvage operators
Applications for registration and renewal of registration
Cancellation of registration
Right to make representations
Keeping of records
Notification of destruction of motor vehicles
Rights to enter and inspect premises
Offence of making false statements
Notification requirements
Offence of giving false particulars on sale for salvage
Application of "fit and proper" test to companies etc
Proceedings for offences under part 1
Power to amend or repeal private or local Acts
Interpretation of Part 1

For further information on motor salvage operation regulation go to the Crime Reduction website

Street Trading Licences
Trading in streets in the Borough is strictly controlled.  Permission is required from the council to trade in most streets and in the remainder trading is prohibited.


Application for Street Trading Consent 
 Street Trading Advice Note 
 Street Trading Policy 
Mobile Food Vendors Guidance pdf  

For further information contact us